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Book of Tiki question

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I'm inquiring about a photo on page 80 in The Book of Tiki of Victor Bergeron pictured along with a western cowgirl in her finest. As a Rockabilly, Western Swing and Country Classic fan I'm ashamed to not recognize her. She favors Rose Maddox but it's not her. I didn't find her credited anywhere in the book. Maybe she's related to Victor?

This is a prized image to me, not to mention the Tiki has a cowboy hat on!, so I would love to know who she is and a little about her.

tiki kiliki
As a fan of western swing I have been trying to seek out a copy of one of my favourite Christmas songs of all time (tis the season). It's by Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen and it's called "daddy's drinkin' up our Christmas". Any clues?

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You should try Kazaa.

Kiliki- No country music connection there, the pic is credited "The Trader with Rodeo queen, 1957", the background shows that it was taken at the SF Trader Vic's.
Don't know her name or the name of the rodeo...

Perfect! A Rodeo Queen! Fantastic!


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