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ock spas and pools I think this would be the crème de le crème of a tiki bar

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when I get a tiki bar this is what I want to but out back or on the roof of my tiki bar

here is their website http://www.holidaypoolsandspas.com/rockspas.html

from their e-mail reply they seem to be really a very nice and knowledgeable staff

I think this is one of the most Tikifific thing you can get other than a 20 foo moa statue in your yard

oops that didnt work out right just go to the site they have the pics

( this I what I want for christmas next year )


They had the waterfall pool in the movie "COnfessions of a Dangerous Mind" which I saw last night. Some exotic beauty was swimming around to a Denny or Lyman tune... then she tore a strip of Chuck Barris for ruining television. GREAT FILM!!!! I give it 2 fish fins up!!!!

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