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Trader Joes Rose Parade Float

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I just saw the TRADER JOES float on the Rose Parade and it featured a Hawaiian motif complete with tikis and a Hawaiian marching band in trail. Sorry I don't have any pics. Pretty cool though.


I saw that too. A pleasant surprise in a parade and the band added a nice touch.
Happy New Year to all.

laney posted on Wed, Jan 1, 2003 3:11 PM

Me too! A band with hula dancers too!


I could find any live photo's of it, this all I could get. Happy New Year!

My stepdaughter is from HI (north shore)and works at Trader Joe's. I Showed her the float picture and was immediately dissed for being another "mainlander" supporting the cultural ransacking of the Hawaiian people. All I could think of to support my position was "Jeez, lighten up!".

laney posted on Wed, Jan 1, 2003 6:53 PM

I am shocked at her attitude. The economy in Hawaii has been struggling since the 70's and is so bad it has driven many natives to Las Vegas. I just read an article on the subject and anyone who has visited Down town Las Vegas knows of the Hawaiian influance there. In a state with sky high cost of living that relies on tourism, her attitude is disgusting. It was a gorgeous float (I think the most beautiful) and it is an honor. If they did (or even could do) one so beautiful about California, I'd be proud.

I saw this float and had to kick myself, my wife and I were going to help with the float decorating. There's always next year.That band was bad-a$$ !


Here's Al and Shelley posing in front of the float last night...

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2 things:

  1. Al and Shelly are my heroes! They're at all the gigs that are happening. Sometimes I live tiki vicarioulsy through them.

  2. It cracks me up when anyone born in HI assumes they are 100% Hawaiian and therefore 'diss' anyone from the mainland. The vast majority of people 'born' in HI are of asian and/or caucasion ancestry. 100% Hawaiian blood represents a minute fraction of those living in Hawaii.


Hey TikiBong, will this Tiki Day Celebration be a group event or something we all do on our own? Either way, it's marked on my calnder Aug 9th!


International Tiki Day needs a float! Find out what Trader Joe's is doing with it!

Also...what in the hell were you people doing up on New Year's morning? :)


I like to go check out the floats the night before and then watch the parade on tv. The Alnshelys accompanied me on the trek this year. The enjoyment of the event was enhanced by Al's considerable mixological skills (hic).



Int'l Tiki Day will more than likely be a bunch of individual events, HOWEVER, at a specific time, adjusted for timezones, we will toast with a tropical libation to honor tiki!


i found some more info about the float on hgtv's website. i know after the parade, they allow people to buy the flowers to make popourri, does anyone know what happens to the rest o the float?

Trader Joe's Co. (#25)
Float Theme: Island Paradise

An "Island Paradise" theme is featured in the Trader Joe's stores throughout the country--from facility decor to employees' Hawaiian flowered shirts. The enjoyment of an "Island Paradise" is a frequent element in the wishes, dreams and imagination of countless youngsters (and adults!). Highlighted by a pair of large cascading waterfalls, this lushly decorated float presents the dream of enjoying a South Seas island. Flaming tiki torches, surfboards, an outrigger canoe, swaying palm trees, a heavily flowered mountain and massive baskets filled with fresh island fruits highlight this vision of a tropical fun fest.

The "Island Paradise" float, built by Phoenix Decorating, features orchids, birds-of-paradise, roses and countless exotic flowers from the near and Far East. The palm trees are created with real palm bark and palm fronds, and the thatched hut is made of dried palm fronds.

On 2003-01-05 01:39, dogbytes wrote:
i know after the parade, they allow people to buy the flowers to make popourri, does anyone know what happens to the rest o the float?

I think the engines and chassis get recycled for next year's floats (which are probably already in the design phase.)

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