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Hawaiian food in HMB

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Since the weather was so beautiful yesterday, my sweetheart and I took a drive on the coast. Just as I was saying we needed to find a place to eat we came across a new (?) resturant -- the Ono Hawaiian Grill -- about 2 miles north or so of Half Moon Bay on Hwy 1 (in between HMB and El Granada). Definitely recommended! Mixed plates (with two scoop rice and macaroni salad). Very tasty! Food was good, decor was nice (more island than tiki, although the candles on the tables were tiki -- it still has that 'new place' feel), service was good. And the best part -- they say they are going to build a tiki patio in the back for this summer!
Closed on Mondays, open for lunch through dinner Tues-Sun. Check it out!

That's great! We've got one here in Huntington Beach too, but it just opened a few months ago and it was formally a Pizza Hut Express, so it's quite small and no room for expansion, and it does need work on the tiki/tropical feel since it's still wall to wall white tile & white walls. (Bamboo Ben, maybe a sales call is needed?)

As far as plate lunch places, here in Huntington Beach, we've got three all on Beach Blvd.: The Loft Grill, then drive 1 mile and there's Ono, then 1 more mile and it's L&L Hawaiian. All three have their own unique taste too! Oh, and drive 2 more miles from L&L Hawaiian and there's The Aloha Grill on Main Street.



Damn SCD, you guys are spoiled out there in HB! We just got our first Hawaiian eatery out by my house - L&L Hawaiian BBQ. Excellent plate lunches. The Hawaiian Short Ribs are Da Best! They've got two tiki's too in there too!

I went over the hilltoday and made a point of going to Ono Hawaiian Grill... Man was it GOOD! I fully recomend that if anyone in the bay area is in Half Moon Bay to stop in for lunch.
Their decor can use some help. It's not Tiki and not really Hawaiian. Just that kind of odd beach shack type of look. Anyway, don't go for the atmosphere (although they say they are opening a "tiki garden") go for the food. I had the Kal-Bi plate and I'm still stuffed!
They also do catering... I smell Luau!

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