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Tiki Mug in Beer Ad?

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So I'm sitting in front of the television watching football last night, bag of Doritos in one hand and remote in the other when I spotted a commercial that appeared to be for a beer company. I'm really not sure since I turned the tv's sound off and had my stereo playing the Aqua Velvets. In the commercial, three guys were sitting around the T.V. On a coffee table in front of them, I thought I spotted a Tiki mug (looked like one of those Chiki Tiki designs).

Did anyone see this? Or was I still recovering from Mai Tai induced stupor?


This is sort of related, but one of my favorite tiki mugs was made by Anheiser-Busch in 1961 for an association of food producers that had their yearly association meeting in Hawaii.

It has a handle on each side and is really unique.

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I know which one you are talking about. Similar to this one right?



Your photo didn't work out.


Looks fine to me.

Ummm... Bong, pick up your glasses and put them on. I see the pic fine...

thats so cool like i said tiki is everywhere!

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