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Need Help from Carvers

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My boss brought me a 3 1/2 ft. Tiki he had in his back yard and was gonna throw it away but first wanted to see if I wanted it. But of course!! The problem is the top and bottom have dry rotted from being on the ground and having a plant sitting on top(to look like hair). My question is once I dry it out is there anyway to preserve from getting worse. Like polyurtene(s.p.?) or paint. Even the cuts for the eyes are soft too. You can't tell except by touch otherwise it's in great shape. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS

I think using Tung oil would help some. Tung oil soaks into the wood and does a couple of things. It soaks in and hardens while providing a protective layer. The more coats you put on, the more glossy the finish. It is to wood what handcream is to skin. Try asking the folks at Home Depot or Lowes. Not to stereotype, but ask one of the oldfarts, since this is an oldschool finish.


Thanks for the info thechikitiki!

On 2003-01-02 13:10, thechikitiki wrote:
It is to wood what handcream is to skin. Not to stereotype,

Chiki, you're freakin me out! Is that why your hands look so nice? Get back to work and scar em up!!! Ultra!!!!!

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Yeah, I know what you mean. You drink that beer huh?

GECKO posted on Fri, Jan 3, 2003 1:16 AM

Tung oil fo sho like da Chikiman wen say!

If i get fibery logs that are soft....I already know Tung oil is da cure. Don't use it on a wet log though or da mold will grow under the oil and da shine will look hazey. I live in Kaneohe right by the mountains so it's always damp here and da mold grow quick! so, I use it on fully dry logs only, I don't know about da mainland? Chiki is a excellent carver, like he said go with tung.


Thanks guys-I knew that it wouldn't last forever but I did want to do whatever I could to help it. I'll try that tung oil as soon as it dries out.


Let that thing dry out for as long as you can. Being as old and saturated as it sounds, it's probably pretty logged. Then fully coat or soak it in a water seal for exteriors. If you don't mind it weighing mor than it did, It'll last til until the year 9999.

Any opinions on the two part AB foam to beef up structure. I've used it in sculpting in the studios and as an insulator (ie. new windows) in construction. The cool thing about it is that a little goes a long ways. It expands like the pudding in Woody Allen's Sleeper. It also expands around existing material then slowly hardens (I think the catalyst doesn't fully kick until 24 hrs.) It may not work on the top part of a tiki (because it would be visible), but would help support weak structure at the base. But I'm not sure.

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