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Anyone have a line of the Tiki scene in the Twin Cities?

Anyone here from Minnesota?

Hello. I live in Minnesota. Myself and another member of this forum- DaneTiki- are the only members from Minnesota that I know of. There is very little Tiki in this state. What would you like to know?

Actually, there are at least six others from MN from this board. Freaky, eh?

I'm not much of a lounge lizard. I suppose I was just wondering if there were any interesting retro or tiki hangouts in the area. Doubtful, I'm sure, but you never know. There's weirdness around every corner, isn't there?

On 2003-01-04 01:09, TikiTorchGawd wrote:
Actually, there are at least six others from MN from this board. Freaky, eh?" Hey, that's great! Surely some of you Minnesotans have been to the Bali Hai on White Bear Avenue before it closed a few years ago. I'm really curious as to what it was like inside.
T.T.G.-I don't know how much of the following information you've had access to previously, but here goes: You can get Polynesian drinks at a restaurant in Minnetonka called Wanderer's.It's off Plymouth Road(right off 394)and the drinks come in ceramic Tiki mugs(which you get to keep).
There is also the Red Dragon which has kind of a somewhat Tikiish atmosphere if you sit in the bar.They serve pretty good Asian/Oriental and Polynesian food. They also have the drinks which are quite strong.If you go to this Minneapolis establishment be prepared however for loud music and an unpleasant odor. The Men's room is absolutely disgusting and the entire place is run-down. The staff is friendly though.
Dane Tiki told me a while back that there is a Tiki apartment building/complex still standing somewhere in Bloomington. I haven't checked it out myself.
Then there is the Maui Taco at the Minneapolis airport. You need an airline ticket in order to get through security to get to it.


Haven't checked this one out for myself yet, but I hear...

Nye's Polonaise Room, 112 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN (612) 379-2021
While not completely Tiki-centric, this place is amazing. It's got the lounge feel left over straight from the mid 1960's. It simply hasn't changed in all that time.

And for the archaeologists -

Permanently Closed:

Bali Hai Supper Club, 2305 White Bear Ave., Maplewood (St. Paul), MN (651) 777-5500
One of the greats, closed in 2000

Don the Beachcomber, St. Paul Hilton, MN

Tropic Bowl / Outrigger Lounge, Fifth Ave SE and 4th St., Rochester, MN

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