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Vancouver Tiki Art Show! Dec. 9th

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Vancouver's Lucky Red Gallery (formerly the New Tiny) is having it's annual Tiki art show on Saturday Dec. 9th. It's always a great show and very cozy as the space is the size of a one car garage. They're also looking for artists to participate.
Here's a link for more info:
Lucky Red Tiki Show

Hmmm, maybe drinks at the Waldorf after? I'm going to look into it...will keep you posted.

Pepe, are you guys going ? I may try to send something or even fly out that day myself.

Yes we are and hopefully we can round up a gang to do some after show debauchery!

I'd love to attend if I'm feeling well, thanks for the heads up

Hi Canada, I will be sending up a couple of pieces for the show and Heather will be sendind down some of her things for my Holiday sale. If any of you would like to have your own tiki Christmas stocking maybe I could arrange to send them up with my paintings for the show and they could be picked up at the gallery..I will check into it to see if the gallery will do that. Dawn

That's great RT & TW! Definitely try and make it here !! Sophista-tiki, too bad you can't make it up here too. We'd love to show how prime a location Vancouver could be for a certain museum :wink:

If I had the money I would definately be there for the show, I need a place to run away to! Also It would be great to see the Waldorf again. Maybe there is a museum in Vancouver that would show the traveling exhibit I am developing! Better get started on some pieces for the show. dawn

Today I sent off my pieces for the show. also included are a few tiki christmas stockings. Here's a preview . remember any purchase from sophista-tiki helps fund the development of Polynesia Americana. Thanks Dawn

titles are "Anini Modern" 22"x24" , and "My Gym Partners a Tiki" 22}x24"


Aloha!!!!! Dan here from Taboo Tiki. Looking forward to the show that is happening this weekend. I dont think I will have time to finish my little piece for the show but Reido finished up a new Tiki Pole that he has carved and it will be at the show for all to see.
Should be a decent 'Tiny' show as usual! See you there!!

[ Edited by: TabooDan 2006-12-05 23:31 ]

How was it, did anyone take pictures? Dying to know!!!!! Dawn

It was a great show in a very cosy space. I didn't stay long due to a cold (hacking & coughing in such a confined space wouldn't be cool!) but I did manage to get some photos! It was a well attended show and looked like pieces were selling..

Lucky Red Gallery

Enter here...

Once inside you're greeted with Vancouver's finest Low-Brow & Tiki gallery! (sorry for the photo quality, damn cough syrup!)

Hi Pepe! I met you a couple of weeks ago when i made my first visit to your awesome store. :)

I also went to the Lucky Red last night. It was a GREAT show! Loved the atmosphere and the people – lots of cool people - not to mention the art! I was so upset that i had to miss the Roq La Rue show in Sept in Seattle, so it was great to see this one.

To anyone who went to the show and remembers the art, i bought the large oval Bob Scott cork sculpture/painting of the male/female tiki that he had named "Dirty Tiki" that was by the back door. Oh yeah. Dirty Tiki. :)

It was so great to be able to meet the artist too. And it's fun to start to recognize people that i've met (or heard of) here on TC (like you Pepe! – it was you i met, wasn’t it?)

Amber (aka JOONTIKI)

P.S. What else Tiki is happening here in Vancouver, do you or anyone else know?

Great to meet you too Joontiki, welcome to TC! If there's anything happening in Vancouver's Tiki scene, you'll see it here on TC first.

Hi all, does anyone know the status of this show. I have emailed midnite about shipping back my pieces and haven't heard anything? the curiosity is killing me!

I don't even know if I sold anything. I'm sure I will hear something from them eventually Just wanted to find out if any of you Vancouver people know whats up.


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