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ikitnrev in Milwaukee -- Nov 21 - Foundation?

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I will be in Milwaukee for a few days before Thanksgiving. Would anyone (Lake Surfer, finkdaddy, others?) be interested in meeting Tuesday evening, Nov 21, at the Foundation Lounge (2718 N. Bremen Street) for their Tiki Nite?

I will also be in Milwaukee Monday and Wednesday evenings, if that works well for anyone too.


I would love to! Only thing is, my wife works at night on Monday through Wednesday, so I'll see if she can shuffle her schedule around and I'll get back to you.

If anything maybe one of those nights you could come over to my Leeward Lounge for a couple of cocktails?

BTW, what brings you to Brew City?

Vern, good to hear you're coming to town!

I'd love to have some drinks with you at Foundation! I'll have Don roll out the red carpet for you that night! :wink:

Seriously though, they've got a great drink menu going now and Don is serious about the drinks.

I've done a bit of decor lately and there should be more when you're in town... just finishing up some this week.

There are a few cool vintage shops by my house also you might want to check out... and if you have time to pop in you can see the progress on my bar.

Of course, you can't miss Finkdaddy's place either!

PM me your trip info if you get a chance... there are a few other tiki hot spots I can show you seeing as how you're in town for three nights... a run to Kenosha to The Rendezvous might be in order also!

Ever been to At Random? That's a good place to get a good drink too!

[ Edited by: Lake Surfer 2006-11-11 22:22 ]

..i may join you as well....maybe check out that other pirate bar that opened up there as well.......

I am coming to Wisconsin to spend a week with family. One brother lives near UW-M (on Cramer Street, and walking distance to the Foundation), so I will be spending 3 nights with him and his family, and then driving with them to visit our parents and other siblings the rest of the week.

I will be flying into Milwaukee late Monday afternoon (the 20th) and we will be driving north on Thursday morning..... so I basically have Monday evening, and all day Tuesday and Wednesday for Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin area adventures -- pretty much a blank slate to work with. I'm hoping my brother will have an extra vehicle for me to use - or I may consider getting a rental car while I am in Milwaukee.

I will be out of town on a business trip all of this week, but will be back in VA Friday - so will recheck this thread and my private messages when I return.

Good to see tiki happening in Wisconsin!


Sounds like a busy itinerary, but remember you have an open invite at the Congatiki Lounge.
We don't need much of an excuse to whip up a little get together.


How about meeting at the Foundation at 8:00 pm on Tuesday evening, the 28th. Will this work for most of you?


I would love to, but my wife works second shift so I'm with the kids at that time. :( Have fun though, the Foundation is a great place and what Lake Surfer says is true: the drinks are fabulous, especially the Mai Tai!

If any of you want to come over to the Leeward Lounge on one of those nights, just let me know and I'll stock up on limes!


I'm there!

Tuesday at 8:00.

And Tipsy, if you want to ride with me, PM me.
We can stop at Rendez'vous (the 'pirate bar' in Kenosha) on the way home.

Anyone want to hit At Random too?
Vern, that's a must-see if you haven't been there yet.


Already told Don to expect us on Tuesday.

In for At Random too before hand as Tiki Tuesday at Foundation really starts to take off at 9:30 or so.

Vern, you'll love At Random.

AT RANDOM Local review:

Camp, Kitsch, and Cocktails
Posted by IIII on 09/03/2002
GO HERE! This place is just too much fun to explain. Where do i start. First of all, they do not take plastic or checks. They do not serve beer, wine, or shots. They do make you pay for your drinks up front. That said, this is the most interesting place to drink I have ever been. The decor is original 60's kitschy lounge. The music is crooners and rat pack standards. This place makes tiki drinks, makes them strong, and serves them with fire and umbrellas. They've got ice cream drinks and fruit flavored concoctions chock full of 151 proof rum. Too much fun to explain here, just go!

Pros: Real Camp, Real Kitsch, Really old staff
Cons: none
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Foundation: New website up and running...


[ Edited by: Lake Surfer 2006-11-19 00:17 ]


I made it to Milwaukee - had my brother drive by 'At Random' from the airport, but it was closed on Mondays (and Sundays too), otherwise it opens at 7.

Still on for 8:00 at Foundation later today.


Hey guys, we have been looking for an excuse to head back up north, mind if we meet up with you at the foundation? Just Raj and I.
I've gotta look up the address and mapquest it, but I'm sure we'll find it.

Man, I live on the wrong side of Wisconsin. Sorry that I won't be able to see you this trip, rev.


On 2006-11-21 09:23, MrBaliHai wrote:
Man, I live on the wrong side of Wisconsin. Sorry that I won't be able to see you this trip, rev.

I am coming from another state.

You can drive across yours.

Get in the car and go.


I would, but I'm going out of the country on a business trip.

It was great spending time with you Vern! Dave and tikibars came out as well and we had a fine time sampling the drinks and taking in the sites of the Foundation.
Good seeing you all!


I also greatly enjoyed the evening, and now have further reason to visit Milwaukee more in the future. It was a small thrill, to order my first mai-tai at the Foundation, and watching as the bartender slapped the mint sprigs for the drink. I kind of lost track of how many drinks I had, but all of them were definitely tiki-worthy. I also completed a first for myself, by ordering a tiki drink and a stick of beef jerky at the same time.

Thanks to all who showed up - you helped make the evening, and my whole trip, more enjoyable.


Complete jackassery (I mean that in the best way possible).

Ver (ikitnrev), Mel (Exotica 59) and her main man Roger, Dave (Lake Surfer), and me at Foundation and Rendez'vous.
We must do it again some time.


Thanks for the pictures, James. I had forgotten all about that mural.

Those Foundation drinks were quite good, and I lost count of how many I had. Those pictures remind me of why I was moving so slowly the next day.

Thanks to all who showed up, and to Lake Surfer for alerting me to the existence of the Foundation.


Thanks for the pictures James, and thanks to all you guys and Mel for making the trip up to our little tiki hideaway.

Hope to see you all back here again! Keep in mind that the Haole Kats will more than likely be playing at Foundation again mid to late summer for their Midwestern tour.

And Hale Nalu (my home bar) is nearing completion. I'd love to show it off if any of you are in the area.

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