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tiki sighings

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one they have a tiki beading set

there Is a tiki drink ??

something ele tiki but cant remember

the tiki beading had a really cool tiki person on the front



I am lost too....usually I can read between the lines...not this time! Please enlighten me talkie tiki!


Talkie, you not talkie comprehende. You into grampa's corn squeezens?


aroo?? Maybe we should send a medic around to Talkie's place to make sure he's okay.

Just hang in there, think pleasant thoughts, it should wear off by this time tomorrow....

that was my freeform poety post for the month can you dig it dattio (click)(click)(click)

It was a Tiki sigh, right, Talkie? Kind of reminded me of http://www.engrish.com
Talkie, how old are you? Your Tiki heart is at the right place, you're writing style just a little unusual.

I believe he meant at Wal-Mart in the craft section there is a Tiki bead set.

It’s not just my writing style that’s unusual I’m a very unusual person

Pages: 1 8 replies