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Sears, La Cumbre Plaza, Santa Barbara, CA (store)

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Name:Sears, La Cumbre Plaza
Street:121 S Hope Ave
City:Santa Barbara

La Cumbre Plaza, located on the 3800 block of upper State Street. Built in 1967, Sears was one of the original flagship stores. The shopping center derives its name from the highest point in the surrounding mountains, La Cumbre Peak. The front of Sears has an intricate Polynesian tile wall as part of the architectural detail.

Southbound: 101 South, exit Hope/La Cumbre and turn left. La Cumbre Plaza will be on the right side of the street.

Northbound: Take 101 North and exit Hope/La Cumbre Ave. Turn left at light. La Cumbre Plaza will be on the right side of the street.

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I've always wondered about this wall on the front of Sears... the entire mall has a Spanish theme, yet out of the blue there is this great tile wall just to the right of the building.

I was there at dusk, sorry for the glare

Here's a close up of the wall

and close up of the tiles

I know that Sears was one of the original stores when the mall was built, I had this theory that maybe there was a restaurant in this location that Sears eventually took over. My stepmother squashed this theory, as she grew up in the area and said Sears had always had that spot. However, she could not remember if that was the original design of the exterior as the mall has gone through a few remodels since 1967. I'm wondering if the original plans had a full blown Hawaiian theme and all that remains is that wall. Do any Santa Barbara residents know if this Sears has always looked like this? I've researched this to my full ability and have found nothing. It's driven me nuts for years! Maybe I'm just wishing for more...

Sounds intriguing! Any photos available?

We must have posted at the same time :)

How funny! And you know what, I once owned some of those tiles! I think I had picked them up at a yard sale, because I liked their modernist/60s/Tapa style, only three of them. I nailed them onto the wood siding of my house, in an offset pattern, and they looked great. Then, after one of my trips abroad, they were stolen :(

Since, I have seen this type somewhere again (but do not remember where), and I believe they were not uncommon in California in the 60s. Does anyone here remember having seen this specific tile pattern in other places? I think it's very cool, and definitely Polynesian inspired.

Does someone know what Tapa style it's based on? (Samoan/Fiji/Hawaiian?)

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