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European TIki Event

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The main act for Hukilau 2003 is from Italy. Who knew they had tiki events in Europe? Well, Tiki Chris and others over there I suppose. I thought I would share this link of an event and the band.

European Tiki

I love the WW2 sailor's outfits...one could say that's where it really all began for the middle class here...those Western Europeans have a good grasp of concept and an eye for style! Hot girls, too. :)

Ha, Swanky, you obviously don't read all the posts!

In the past year we've had 'Tiki's and Ale' in Oxford, UK, as well as 'Tikistock 2002' in London. There have also been events in Belgium, France, Spain, and Germany. The big one this coming year is the Wild Weekend 4 in Benidorm, Spain where a casino will be turned into a Tiki lair for a weekend. As I understand Tiki News is doing an article on Spain in the near future, some of the more adventurous Tiki Centralites might want to mark November 2003 in their calender.

Trader Woody

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Swanky posted on Sat, Jan 4, 2003 2:20 PM

I do read about the events, but I guess they don't get as much attention as those here in the states. We need more pictures posted of these events to get them firmly in our minds.


I received an email last week about a tiki event this July in eastern Germany. It's at an opening of some new polynesian-style spa or something like that and the theme is "tiki"! I'll dig up the email and post more info when it's available... ja wohl!

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