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Hi folks, trying to figure out my way around. This is the second time I've visited, first to post.
I was bit hard by tiki madness a couple years ago after visiting Bosko. I sell his stuff here and trying to introduce the world of Tiki to the Central Valley. It ain't easy but lots of folks moving out here from the Bay area. I'm 2 hours directly east of San Fran Cisco.
Last year I began carving and trying to develop my own style.
Seeing some of the pics here made my hands sweat and shake. Good stuff. It's going to be good getting to know you all. Later, JT


There are worse things to make you sweaty and shakey. (Better things too come to think of it.) Welcome to Tiki Central.

aloha and welcome to tiki central



Welcome! So, when are we going to see some pics of your work?

Aloha Jungle Trader. Welcome to Tiki Central!

Thank you everybody.
Having technical difficulties with my digital camera and this new OS from WINXP, but as soon as I figure it out I'll show you some tikis. Aloha, JT

Aloha! I, too, created a New Topic with my first post. Oh, well... Gotta learn somehow. Hope you enjoy your Tiki Central experience!

feel the fever of a newbie!!!

time passes fast.


YEah it does, that was a Fast 3 years and Lookit JT now. Congrats for Stickin with it digger.

Monkeyman, get out of the archives. Jeez, what a greenie I was. God Bless the newbie greenie's!!!


The Archives is where its AT dont you know?

I think its cool to see an evolution and I wasnt picking on you, just saw the post and said hey "JT is still here unlike many".

I Dig.

yeah, some of the old stuff is pretty good, especially some of the stuff Bong said back in the daze, and the lover's spats that people had. See ya' in Portland brah.

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