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Hawaiian Village , Ventura, CA (apartments)

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Name:Hawaiian Village
Street:998 Church

Set in the hills above Ventura with view of the ocean and Channel Islands.


[ Edited by: Ojaitimo 2006-12-05 16:58 ]


Nice find, thanks for the pictures! It's great that the water feature is still operational, so many of the Poly Pop apartment complexes that I have explored have long since let them dry up. When they are still operational it really helps bring the fantasy to life.


PremEx posted on Tue, Dec 5, 2006 9:54 PM

Great photos! Thanks.

It's a shame they have to fence in the pool in that manner.


I used to live at Hawaiian Village in the early 80's and it was beautiful. That was before the fence was around the pool. The managers were very particular about everything and kept it really nice. At that time I was the youngest person to live there (I was 16 and living with my dad) and I had to be approved :).

I went to visit a friend there a few months ago and was very sad to see the ponds & pool are dry and the place looks rundown. In it's heyday it really was a gorgeous place to live. Hopefully someone will revitalize it - it's a great location with an awesome ocean view.

According to:


dated 5 December 2017, the Hawaiian Village Apartments in Ventura burned down today.

"Engulfed in flames, the Hawaiian Village Apartments collapsed about 4 a.m."


How devastating for the residence.

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Let us consider the people who lived there, whether they gave a crap about tiki or not. They didn't just lose a bit of pop culture, they lost their homes, and probably most of their possessions. Do any of you want to take them in until they get resettled?

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