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Cool little tiki from Tahiti

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My good friend came back from his honeymoon in Tahiti and he gave me this great little tiki he bought from a carver there. It is about 3" tall. Check it out:


thats really cool I would have liked to talk to the carver of the tiki maybe I could get a few tips from him that realy is a work of art

Sabina posted on Mon, Jan 6, 2003 4:36 AM

That's downright inspiring! And all in 3" too!

Guess that's it, I may just have to pull out my whitling knife and small wood chisels.

What an amazing tiny Tiki!

Love the eyes!

I hadn't carved a hardwood tiki in a while, but I just finished one that looks like this. It is even finished in the same color, all two feet of him.I've never done a three incher, but its way cool. Tap the bottom and make him a shiftknob?

Oh man and Tahiti, my aunt and uncle are going there, on a free trip! Those jerks!

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