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Tikis found at big lots

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Today after a family outing to my aunts' family lunch we stopped at Big Lots. Well, I could not believe what I saw. Big Lots had Krazy straw moa head lidded cups with Krazy straws in them! The cups also have the Krazy straws logo on the bottom. They had them in four colors purple, pink, teal and brown. They were 99 cents each so I got one of each color. I was amazed to find tiki mugs at Big Lots. It seems no matter where I go or what I do Tiki follows me!

When I get the digital camera working I will send the pics



Not only does tiki follow you, but if you get up at sun rise and walk due West, the Sun will follow you also!

Uh-huh, I got one for Christmas. Now it's in a display with my other collectibles. It is sacred and nobody is allowed to drink from it. HA! JT

I got a purple one, also at Big Lots,which is one of my fave stores!

I bought one of each color available (Blue, Brown, Pink, Purple and Teal) and have found them extremely useful for storing juices during parties. If anyone bumps into another cheap and universally accesible source for lids to fit these little boogers that don't have the Silly Straw holes in them I'd be very appreciative to hear about it.


i bought a dozen ~i keep a pink one at my desk for sipping water.

i think i'm going to have people over this weekend to sit in my new furniture, guess its a good time to make it a Theme Night.

i love my friends, but last week one broke 2 wine glasses.. i'da freeked if they were tiki. so .. this week, everyone will get a Sippy Tiki Head...


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