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Hope suggestions are welcome. I figure as long as this site is still under construction, I would give a little input...

I like the "Shop Tiki" thread. I think it would be good as a stand alone forum. One thing I would like is a links page to sources of anything Tiki releated, whether it be Bamboo, Exotica music, bar guides, etc... That way, we could check there first before asking the forum "Do you know a good source of _______"


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We've had the monkeys working extra hard this week and I'll be damned if they didn't do a little site update for us at Konakai.com, and the link guide, Taboo!

Kong-gratulations, Kongtiki, to a fine site. A link oriented site fulfills a need, with the proliferation of commercial Tiki websites..it's mindboggling.
And what a hostess! Congrats again, and keep up the good work.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Sorry it took me so long to notice and reply, but I haven't had a lot of time to check Tiki Central recently.

First off, we have the new Collecting Tiki forum with the Shop Tiki thread in there now! Thanks to all who suggested it.

I am (slowly) working on a user-supported Links section, although I think KonaKai.com is the definitive Tiki links list! The user-supported one I'm working on will be useful just so that we have a more-or-less maintainence free links page.

I am also (super slowly) working on a user supported Images section.

Finally, remember if you love Tiki Central you can have the messages mailed directly to your mail account by signing up here:


This code has been working smoothly for a few months now, so feel free to sign up!

Again, thanks for the suggestions, and thanks for being members of Tiki Central!


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