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Seattle: Tiki Barber - not football!

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when i bought my Heywood Wakefield chairs at Funtiques, i gave the owner a list of stuff he NEEDS to find for me (or if not me, i'd refer TC-ites to his store).. he mentioned his haircutter, Richard was "into tiki"

an old fashioned barber shop decorated with shelves full of carved tikis, plates, hula dolls ~ right here in Seattle! He's on roosevelt way NE at 65th

he didnt have time to cut my husband's hair, and i didnt want to intrude on the guy who was getting trimmed ~ i'll go back and find out what cool stuff he has!

tiki~everywhere you turn!

Any chance he has photo of Tiki Barber in his Tiki Barber shop?


I think I know which barber you're talking about -- if so, he's been there forever, and I've gone past it unknowingly a thousand times! I'll have to check it out, too.


On 2003-01-06 00:36, Humuhumu wrote:
I think I know which barber you're talking about

its two doors down from Primo Burger ~ which looks a bit hawaiian too! i'll double check it out.. because next to the Tiki Barber, there's a hair salon that does cuts for 15 bucks. since i dont have a stylist yet, i thought i'd do something crazy! cuz it'll grow back!


check this out.

i don't have pictures, but there is a place called the HAIR HUT in ocean beach.
it has been there since the 70's. there is tropical decor, about 3 tikis and the door has a tiki hut mural on it. i love to get my hair cut here and if you call to make an appointment, it is only $5!!! what a deal. if you are really lucky she has 78's of martin denny, arthur lyman, blue hawaii, mancini, etc.

you have to check this place out, what a trip. i will try to get some pictures.

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