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Nautical Antiques and Decor, Galveston, TX (store)

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Name:Nautical Antiques and Decor
Street:621 23rd St.
Phone:(409) 621-2829

Big, FULL store, crammed with nautical antiques, just like the name implies.
But more than just ship's wheels and mermaid figureheads, these two (the Culpeppers) have found themselves tiki carvers and cornered the market on Japanese fishing floats.

We're talking STACKS of floats. And STACKS. And STACKS.
I could have bathed in fishing floats.

I left with a large red onion jug (a float with a spout-like mouth: pre-made hole for a light!) $55.
And a large cobalt blue float - $35
And a medium amber float - $25
(They estimated about $20 for UPS to ship a large one, as that's what one cost earlier that day.)

They had GIANT floats and onion jugs: $120 or $125 (can't remember).

Re: tikis
They have a local guy who puts out some un-remarkable tikis.
They also had Indonesian-carved ones, a few of which were extremely tempting.

  • Like the beautiful palmwood copy of the Caliente Tropics poolside hanging-tongue tiki (sans paint).
  • And like the 6 or 7' tall hairy head (upside down palm with rootball) that was lying out in the parking lot, waiting to be erected. I was really wanting both.

Funny: the bulk of the Indonesian ones were Wayne Coombs (Mai Tiki) style, save the Caliente Tropics one! Even the Far East copies Wayne! Maybe they got ahold of BOT for the Caliente Tropics one.

Anyway, the husband admitted to being a lurker here. I'm hoping this listing will draw him out in the open :wink:

Sorry more of you don't live close enough to be able to pick up a few floats on your own, but we Texans gotta have SOMEthing over on you lucky bastards who get to live next to Oceanic Arts!!

Website: http://www.piecesofship.com/
Alternate phone: (409) 761-0392
Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Call first.

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