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The God of Wind killed 2 of my tikis

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laney posted on Mon, Jan 6, 2003 11:17 AM

This wind sucks. My palms are shreadded, my pool's a swamp, and I found two strange logs in it. They were tiki's! One (the Toscano tiki totem like Disneys) and another from O.A. Cracked, split, broken and knocked into the swampy pool. OHHH the carnage!

How long were they under? Maybe you can revive one or both. Quick..check for a pulse and commence Tiki CPR. (must revive, dont give up...)

Ouch...that hurts. Backpedaling a collection can lead to sleepless nights! When the Paradise Room was under construction I lost a mint 1950's Japan-manufactured "Good Luck Tiki" with the original hang tag. I lamented that one for days.

Where is there an agent that carries Tiki insurance for such cases?

Lloyd's of Loa? (I'm sure there's a better L word to replace London, but that's all I can think of right now...)

Wait, Lloyd's of Lono!

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2 years ago the wind blew my fence down. While making the fence insurance claim to my house insurance company, I showed him how one of my tikis was damaged as well. He asked the value, I gave him a rough estimate, he said, no prob and added it to the bill.

Ask your home insurance about it, all they can do is say no, and you've heard no before.

Erich Troudt

laney posted on Mon, Jan 6, 2003 2:26 PM

Good idea but my deductible is more than their worth. I'll keep that in mind if one of the palms comes down on my house.



Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of need.

Ok, who can answer this question?

When an American Flag is weathered and torn past it's usefulness as an esthetically pleasing symbol of freedom, then the proper way to dispose of it is to take it to a local American Legion for collection where they (usually on Flag Day) perform a ceremony for disposal by burning the flags. (Burning your own flag outside of this official ceremony is considered VERY un-American).

What about broken or totally decayed tikis? Broken mugs, plaques, etc.? Is there any ritual for proper disposal, burning, crushing, etc.?

Should we get TikiBong to add a new Ritual for National Tiki Day where anyone who has a tiki item in need of proper disposal could come and include their broken tiki items? Maybe a ceremony can be put together?

Something to think about.....Bong? BigBro? Bueller? Anyone..anyone?



My heart goes out to ya...



Excellent idea! On Int'l Tiki Day we properly dispose of ALL weathered, tattered, unloved, chipped, torn, scratched, and otherwise unappealing things TIKI.

I have a section in my backyard that is dedicated to broken, ugly, tattered, cracked, chipped, etc Tikis. Its in a corner under a tree, mixed in with lots of rocks. The idea is for it to look like "ancient ruins" or a scary ass tiki burial grounds.

Erich Troudt


I love the idea of a tiki burial ground. That really does sound SPOOKY!

I soon plan to build a coffin shaped bamboo cabinet to display my Tiki mugs that were lost in the line of duty...!


You'll have to take pics and post them for us to mourn. Check out this thread:

Tiki Mug Misfortunes

You'll have to take pics and post them for us to mourn. Check out this thread:

Tiki Mug Misfortunes

*** * * The Polynesian Popster * * ***

[ Edited by: PolynesianPop on 2003-01-07 15:26 ]

Could we possibly use the new Int'l Tiki Day Memorial Service to dispose of things we deem Cheap, Overly Trendy, Not Cool Enough or Just Plain Stupid? This could take care of some Christmas and Birthday gifts.


I've got Elmer's glue, a uv light curing wand, resin, plaster, wood glue, polyurethane and things like that - miraculously, most of what I own has been beat up so badly due to moving 9 times in 11 years - I think I'm gonnna start a new biz...
"Tiki Restoration Farm"!!!


All seconds, broken TIKI stuff, uncool, missused, and unwanted TIKI or semi-TIKI things are welcome at my house.
I too have a TIKI graveyard under two purple Bananna Palms in the back forty that is protected by one big cement mask.
I am also very uncool and love all the Tiki attemps(sp) by family and friends.
Why just two days ago my brother gave me a pineapple, long match holder for the fireplace, it really looks like a pinecone.
BUT, bring it on I love all of it.
Laney, I am around Newport all day everyday, if you need some help drop me a line.
I will also bring my trailer to the Southern Cal. International TIKI day so everyone can have a place to put their discards, then we have a ceremony, then I drive them to the dump, YA YA that's it to the dump.
And Laney I also had a 6 foot two-face Jeff carved Tiki floating in my pool.
After some D5W and RINGERS LACK-TATE we set the paddles on 300 and got back a normal rhythm, but some of the passengers jumped ship(termites)

Have no brakes
Cannot stop
Mahalo to you

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