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The link didn't work. Hung up on the copy and paste part, sorry. JT


You almost got it. You just left out the forward slash in the last bracketing.

AHA! One little slash mark, thank you mrtikibar. Should I try to make it larger? It's hard to see.

Here's 3 that I carved with a chain saw. They're about 5 1/2 ft. tall. Enjoy.
Hope this works


Yeah, make it larger. Wow, nice tikis!

I will try to enlarge it. Again, this is at Bloody Mary's in Tahiti, I am told.


Look at the similarity of this one to the one at Bloody Mary's. It is at the Caliente Tropics in Palm Springs.

They ARE similar, love the flared nostrils.
Thanks again for your help and everyone else's. I love TC, finally found lots of folks like me. Later, JT

No pics out there??

Heath posted on Mon, Feb 26, 2018 6:27 PM

I'm willing to bet they were similar to these, click the picture for the link.

Princess Cruises site


Caliente Tropics (Just in case)


Was hoping someone had pics to keep this post alive


When I saw this post I went back through my photos and found these that apply. This trip was in April of 2016. Enjoy! Wendy

This will be our last stop in French Polynesia. In case you ever go They will take any money in any of these countries. We took Australian dollars with us but found they like US dollars even better. Everywhere they are used to tourists and they will take any currency. Tips are not usual but tour guides and bus drivers stand and hope for one. We didn't disappoint anyone.

Bora Bora is so small that you can drive all the way around the perimeter in 45 minutes and the speed limit is 45 miles per hour.

As we arrived we passed this yacht.

The only tall mountain had a cloud on top.

The port was small and we tendered in from the ship.

This island is very pretty but not as impressive as Moorea.

They have many areas of the bungalows over the ocean. Almost no places to eat so I think that really helps Bloody Mary's.

We finally saw one tiki in the wild with a cute little island boy.

We arrived at the most famous spot on the island.

I posed to document that we had been here.

The restaurant wasn't open yet. The floor was all sand.

Polynesian Paddy went to the famous bar to try one of their drinks.

Inside the woman's bathroom was this tiki.

To wash your hands you pulled a chain and the waterfall began.

There was a wall of money and autographs.

Back outside we just wandered around looking at the hut.

We ran into this employee of Bloody Mary's who looked like Pierce Brosnan. He said they were no relation but were friends.

When a famous person comes to Bloody Mary's they get their name painted on these signs.
I noticed that Pierce Brosnan had been there, his name in the second column.

We gave a tip to the musicians and they insisted that we pose for these photos.

At the open air market at the pier Dan asked how much for the tall tiki. $350. It's still sitting there. No bargains in Polynesia.

We found the second tiki mug of our trip. It is a copy of the common bucket mug. On the bottom was just some word plus tiki. You would think they would copy something more unique. No we didn't buy it. They wanted $50 US money for it. Yes $50 not $5.

The clouds settled in for the night.

Back on the ship we looked out on the same boat we had seen in the morning. It was now lit up. For us it was time to put the light out.

We will next head to Maui, Hawaii. It will take five days to reach Lahaina.

I will say it now that you just can't beat Hawaii. Each island is different and has so much to offer. You can spend a couple of weeks on each island without seeing it all. These beautiful islands are tiny. A few hours and unless you want to hang out on a beach that's it. It's much better to spend you money there. However Australia and New Zealand are really worth the horrific plane flight.

Great pics Wendy
Thanks for posting

I enjoyed the photos Wendy. Thank you for posting them.

I love trip reports like this. Thanks so much.

Hamo posted on Fri, Mar 2, 2018 10:05 PM

On 2018-02-26 18:27, Heath wrote:
Caliente Tropics (Just in case)

Looks like it’s gotten some extra paint (and moved?) since the BOT page 209:


Scott McGerik



Thank you, I'm happy to have had something to share here. Wendy

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