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I've got a bamboo bar already, so I didn't REALLY need another bar....but hey, it's a WITCO! I guess this can be the Tropical Drink Bar, and the Bamboo Bar can be the PuPu's Bar! Auughh! Time to move some furniture around, and this piece is no lightweight!

You've seen this one before? Yes, you have! Turn to page 9 in the Book of Tiki. Mine is the dark version. I'm seriously contemplating changing the off-white area to leopard, and make a Jungle Room just like Elvis! (Oh, and I collect Elvis memorabilia too).

I think I'll have to get together with Gecko, since he made a mask with a leopard background (and I think a tiki head) just like the front of the bar, and also with ChikiTiki to see about some custom Tiki-chess or checkers pieces for the top of the bar!

Hope you like!

This Daddy's Caddy & The Tiki Transporter

Hmmm...I should have been TraderFrank

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Very cool. Can I have it?


Details, details please! Where when, $$$, the works.

I am liking the idea of leopard and getting our resident Hawaiian Carver extraordinaire to produce a wall piece to match. Then again it looks so sweet as is.

Hmmm...? Still vote for leopard, yep.

Very nice piece. Congrats!


i vote for leopard too (arent you the one who also has Fezes?)
that is one sweet bar..did you move it in the Tiki Transporter?

Hey Sugar,
What's on the top? checkers?
Score! Daddy! We need to hook up so you could photo Mrs. Boo's Witco and post it too. You saw one of the stools the other day, but you need to see the rest. We can compare scars!

Congrats SCD! So when are we going to break it in with a couple o' drinks?

I'm with Pop, it's drinking time.

It's really up to you, but I wouldn't change a thing on the bar. For some reason, I'm not usually into Witco stuff but this is the coolest bar I've seen in a long time. I would kill for that piece. Now let's hear the details. Where did you find this?!

That's a HELLUVA find. I'm jealous. I need a drink now. But I'm happy for you...we all need a good steamy-hot one like that to keep us awake. I've been dreaming of one of those for the use of my guests in their private suite forever!(it's connected to the bar)...which if everything goes according to plan will soon be completely tiki as well. Congragulations! Lucky Dog!

Ok, Ok. There really aren't much juicy details, other than this is a SugarMama find (the wife). Our Anniversary is on January 19th, and she knew that I've always said that I've wanted to do a Jungle Room like Elvis (yes, I'm an Elvis enthusiast....Thank You Very Much!). So when the Book of Tiki came out, page 9 was "what I'd put in the Jungle Room". Remembering that, she kept that in the back of her mind, until she found the Witco Bar!

Where is it from? I don't know.
What was the price? I don't know.

I've mentioned in another post elsewhere that we used to own a collectibles store from 1994 to 2001, so she probably put the notice out to our old contacts to keep an eye out.

She said "It doesn't matter where or how much". I didn't push the issue...why would I need to? It's ours now! So the bar is secured, paid for and will be at my place after we get some rearranging done here at home to accomodate the bar.

Thanks for the enthusiasm!


Congrats SCD! Whatever you do to it , it's going to look great. That's a hell of a present!


What a pearl! A woman who supports all of your kooky, wacky love affairs! Tiki, Witco, Elvis, Fez's, she's a keeper! And the bar is very nice too!


WOW! What a beaut, I'm drooling over here...Congrats!

Congrats, Cad. Although I am a authenticity believer, in this case I am leaning more towards recommending leaving it the way it is, because the top looks like intricate work, and it matches the rest. Trying to make it like it was will not make it authentic.
Or, dark red Velvet might be an option....


It sure would look nice in the Jungle Room! Congrats!

GECKO posted on Wed, Jan 8, 2003 2:01 PM

OWWWWWEEE! HO da one sweet bar bradda! Cuz, you pau already (done)! you got it! wen i get back I like see em and drink one wit ya!

Yo Wahine is da best!


That is one nice looking bar you got there .
Insted of tiki chess pieces, you should use tiki shot glasses.


Bitchen bar, man!

Never seen a Witco in person. I would keep it as is.

So when is the party?!



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