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Mahuffer's aka Sloppy John's, Indian Shores, FL (bar)

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Name:Mahuffer's aka Sloppy John's
Street:19201 Gulf Blvd
City:Indian Shores

Mahuffer's is an old beach bar at Indian Shores Beach. There are several rooms, pool tables, and random items from everywhere attached to the walls, ceiling, bar stools, etc. If you ever went to the Big Bamboo Lounge in Kissimmee, it has the same feel.

Why would a tiki lover be interested in this bar? There are signs from Tiki Gardens (the restaurant sign, the peacock signs) and some tiki totem poles that we think are from Tiki Gardens, but all you pros maybe be able to verify.

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We went on 12/16, which was a pretty slow night. All of the old nautical props and old FL tee-shirt designs were awesome. I expected the ghost of Hemingway to wander in at any moment. John made an appearance and he's just the coolest guy. He has great stories from all of crazy customers.

2 cats are residents of the bar and roam around making friends with the customers.

We didn't try any mixed beverages, but there was a nice beer selection.

I didn't have a camera, but if I get over there soon, I'll try to take some pictures of the tiki gods and the Tiki Gardens signs.

I searched several ways and didn't find anything about the bar, so I apologize if this is a duplicate!

for all of you that know how to reserch these thing,there was a hgtv or discovery chanel or one of those tv shows a couple years ago that had a segment on this place.i am pretty sure they did about 15min on it .i have vhs tape of it somewhere around here.pretty far out place .it is on my list of "must stop places" when i do the gulf coast of FLA. this MARCH. TD


The home of warm beer and cold food.... once in awhile he books some top notch 'blues acts !!!!!!!


TikiLaLe, Don't be stingy. Go snap some photos for us. Or hell I'll look it up next time we visit the main winery. Sometime in March/April though.



I'd be very interested in shots of the signs! And any info the owners might have on them or any other stuff they may have acquired from tiki gardens.


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Thursday should be 75 I'll schelp over 2 the beach for some pics !!! Stingy, you called me stingy !!!!!


Ahhhh well then your a saint :)

Here is a picture of the front entrance of Mahuffers. If this comes thru, I will send more.


Here goes . . .

Street sign:

Shots of the deck:

The old Tiki Gardens/Trader Frank's "Restaurant" sign:

Shot of the inside bar:

If you're ever in the Indian Rocks Beach area, stop in at Mahuffer's for some warm beer and lousy food!

McTiki posted on Sun, Feb 4, 2007 2:06 PM

Neat concept 'Ole Florida meets caribe' Not too Tiki, but looks fun nonetheless. Cheers!

That sign needs rescuing.


the top of this thread it says indian shores,fl. anthoer place calls it indian rocks beach fl. , several hundred miles apart. anyone know which one it is?

Actually they are right next to each other. As far as I can recall, Indian Shores used to be part of Indian Rocks Beach. I was only 6 when we left there so I could be wrong about it. But they are right next to each other.

YEP. you are right . i read the map wrong.

On 2007-02-11 23:48, TikiGardener wrote:
....But they are right next to each other.

Considering THAT, it seems that actually VERY LITTLE of the defunct Tiki Gardens ended up at that place! I mean the Beachcomber style decor concept of this joint would have made it the perfect recipient of much of that flotsam, no? Where did it all go? Maybe the ol' owner can shed some light on that...

They are not along side each other, but in the same local beach town. When Tiki Gardens closed they held an auction and anyone could bid on and purchase items from the gardens. Perhaps one of Sloppy John's people got their sign at that time. It was a mad house and if you did not get there early you lost out!

This place was across Gulf Blvd. from my grandmothers business "Casa Chica Cottages". Back in the 1970's I used to walk down the street and buy live bait from them. Now it looks like they managed to snag lots of the old Tiki Gardens memorabilia when it closed and are trying to pass themselves off as some kind of roadside tourist attraction. I sure hope that they still sell bait....

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