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King Kukulele's Lemoyne Lanai Lives!!

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Escape from the mundane into paradise!

THE LEMOYNE LANAI LIVES!! Rising from the ashes of the lava like a phoenix over Echo Park, the Lanai is now officially owned by King Kukulele. We left the last post of 10/21/02 (You can find it if you dig.) thinking this Tiki 4 Plex was doomed!! The Gods have smiled on the King...read on--

Have you ever wished to live in a place where your neighbors appreciate a fine tiki carving, a rare tiki mug, classic exotica, a superbly mixed mai tai? Consider moving to the Lemoyne Lanai, the future clubhouse of the tiki set.

The Lemoyne Lanai is a four unit apartment building situated in Echo Park, just north of Downtown Los Angeles and next door to Silverlake. The Lanai offers very spacious 1 and 2 bedroom apartments! Off street parking! Easy access to many freeways! Hardwood floors! See Kevin Kidney's amazing artwork (below) of the design for the front view and backyard.

For more info: Reply to this post or write directly to King Kukulele at [email protected] let the Luaus begin!!


Here's the back yard view:

Very Cool Ku Ku

Hey Denny , when did you get back in town? Heard you were being man-handled by large FUTBOL playing women.


Can we all give a hand to "THE KING"
for doing above and beyond for America
this holiday season.
Thank you son thank ya

thebaxdog wrote:
Can we all give a hand to "THE KING"
for doing above and beyond for America
this holiday season.
Thank you son thank ya

For those that don't know. King KuKu went overseas for 10 days to entertain the troops. Thanks King!

I talked to Denny last night and all the boytoy rumors are true. Anyways, I'll be helping the King out with some welding and a free tiki to help him realize his dream. If anybody could donate some time to help this nut out the tiki gods will smile upon you for at least a week. Ok maybe just a day, but if everybody got together, you could help create one of the few if only tiki apartments done since the heyday of TIKI.

GECKO posted on Wed, Jan 8, 2003 12:11 PM

sweeet place! I wish I could be der to help! Nice donation Chiki! I would do da same but I can't just jump on da banana boat and deliver it. Let me know if I can help any on dis side af da world.

Aloha and congrats King! da place looks really special!

KKK (King Kukulele that is!)

When are you going to be working on the Polynesian Palace. If you all let me know in time I can reschedule myself. I used to be a framer, sider, roof cutter, plumb & liner, truss rollilng, layout man in my long-gone youth.


I'm available for molding & millwork installation, and general handyman work


I'll build the clandestine groggery in the basement. Anyone have a sugarcane supplier?

Alright Denny, start getting the troops organized. Pick a date and all the tasks that we can tackle. This way its BYOT, bring your own tools, and people can carpool. Afterwards we can hit up the Tiki TI or? I can already see it, just like the A-Team .

[ Edited by: thechikitiki on 2003-01-08 21:51 ]

Damnit Chiki, now you've got that stupid theme-song in my head and I can't get rid of it!!!

BTW - I'd also be happy to volunteer my services. Let me know how I can help!

Hey kids! The King does not yet have computer connectivity at the Lanai so I am posting this for him. He asked me to thank you for your generous offers of assistance and would like to take you up on it. How does Saturday sound?

On 2003-01-08 14:05, weirduncletiki wrote:
I'll build the clandestine groggery in the basement. Anyone have a sugarcane supplier?

We're growing sugarcane and can give some cuttings to the King - it grows really fast in well watered and drained soil...
We're also gonna donate some banana palms.

[ Edited by: Futura Girl on 2003-01-09 20:56 ]

Need any chain-sawing done?

[ Edited by: Futura Girl on 2003-01-09 21:06 ]

I would be honored to donate a warclub or ceremonial paddle to the cause(see carving post)...let me know and I will have you a superb example carved in a couple of weeks... whatever you want...Kotiate? Patu? Atakara? Sali? You name it...I love a guy with the balls to take a risk...The catch? You show folks my work and tell them what a swell guy I am...(although you don't know me from Dick's hatband!)

Love the Lanai!
Wish I wuz in SoCal to help...but tommorow let the Bi-coastal tiki Gods rejoice! For I will be building my new tiki bar in New York...


(sigh)....I don't want to live in New York anymore...

Mr Chen? What'sa Blue Dragon Box?
You joined in July, but this is your first post, Welcome to TC.

Wow, that is bitchin' The pad and the support given from the TC wrecking crew.
Wish I could help. You folks are like the dang ol Amish. Hey that reminds me, I need a barn! Anybody want to help?


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