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Hulahula, Seattle, WA (bar)

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Street:106 First Ave N
Phone:206 284-5003

Hulahula opened last week and I visited it with Poi Polloi last night. It is adjacent to Tini Bigs martini bar and under the same ownership. It's fairly spacious and has a generous amount of bamboo, thatch, and Witco-like bas reliefs. The dance floor of the previous venue now features lounge chairs and a blacklight tiki mural that runs the length of the room. The drinks were mediocre, I had a below average mai tai and a worse pina colada before we had better luck with a navy grog and some punch type drinks (I watched the bar tender refer to the instructions to make some of them). Poi Polloi was very pleased with his appetizer, a shrimp, bacon, and hot pepper combo.

I think they've done a fairly good job on the decor -- it's much more seriously devoted to tiki than any Seattle establishment except the Luau. It did feel a tiny bit sterile -- e.g. the wall decorations were too evenly placed, rather than giving the sense I like in a bar that the decorations have been slowly accumulating over many years. The bartender was friendly, but the place had very few patrons when we went -- granted in the dead week between Christmas and New Years. I'd like to see what the ambiance is like when it's more full (Tini Bigs is perhaps my least favorite Seattle bar).

It's well worth a trip for any locals or visitors to the area, though you may have to go soon if business doesn't pick up considerably. For me it's a very welcome addition to Seattle's tiki world.

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Any pics? I'm going to Seattle in April so hopefully it's still there then as I'd love to check it out!!


i've posted pictures and a quick review here

hey Candycanemartini ~ let us know when you're visiting! Hula Hula is definitely a must-see!


more hidden review statements in this thread

and to amend my statement about maybe not having lots of food choices for vegetarians and non-spiceatarians, i was told we could order food from the Tini Biggs menu if we desired (they share the kitchen space with Hula Hula). the smell of garlic fries was tempting, but we were pretty full on the plantain chips, chicken wings and tilapia.. **oh, and ~ if you order the tilapia, its a whole fish **delicious, but a bit difficult to eat as a pu pu!

i wish i could drink, so i could give a better assessment of the beverages ~ i know we tend to like a well-balanced drink, made to the 'Bum's recipes ~ because the drinks at Hula Hula aren't the "classic" versions doesn't mean they're BAD. they're just not what our tastebuds are acoustomed to. i do know the other bars in town make syrupy sweet tiki drinks ~ and i think thats because its what the masses enjoy.

i think the consensus was the drink served in the bowl was very good. and the mai tai was too orange-y (to the establishment's defense, the menu does state they use OJ in that drink)...

i'm glad we have another tiki establishment in the Jet City ~ its a space with a good vibe!


the food gets better and better at Hula Hula ~ they've added crab rangoons, crab cakes, fish tacos. i think the "Hawaiian Hot Dog" [spam and rice masubi] is off the menu ~ tonight we tried the steak rolls (steak rolled around a grilled green onion with ginger, marinated in ginger soy ~ speared onto a stick and grilled medium rare) served with buttery rice and grilled fresh pineapple. HOLY COW, thats good stuff. the crab rangoons were big triangle pillows of cream cheese goodness, and a tangy/hot sweet dipping sauce. the hearts of palm salad is a generous serving of field greens, feta, coconut, candied nuts and a vinagarette. and teriyaki wings ~ fried and tossed with garlic and green onions, light saucing of a great teri sauce.. with more on the side... outstanding!

the drinks are much improved, todd had the bowl drink and a keoki coffee. sweetpea liked the hurricane, i cant remember what others drank.. but Ms Pea noticed they do offer 2 buck PBRs all night, if you're so inclined.

we left before Lushy arrived. (school night) DJ Gunn played a nice mix, definitely saving us from the thumpthump of whatever was on earlier and from the "sound guy" who was testing the 11 setting on the dial...

Don't Forget ~ Third Thursdays ~ Hula Hula after work.. see you on Feb 15th special guest, Tekoteko and MomTeko from Texas!


I found some pix from Hula2
Monkeyskull pokin the poor hulagal

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