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My Tiki Resolutions - 2003

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Now that the Christmas tree is down, and the empty bottles from New Years Eve have gone off to be recycled, its finally time to declare my Tiki Resolutions for 2003...!

  1. I resolve to participate in as many SoCal Tiki events as possible
  2. I resolve to update and expand all Tiki related areas of my website
  3. I resolve to finally start construction of my Tiki Lounge, and host an unveiling party this summer

Oops, almost forgot: I resolve to stop asking Bong out and let Baxdog have him all to himself!

Here's to a Tiki crammed 2003!



F*$* Baxdog, he treats me like $hit! Let's party sailor!


Tiki resolutions...concept approved!

Here's mine:

  1. Yard sale my patooty off in agro Tiki collecting fashion.
  2. Contribute some of my considerable web applications powers to the Tiki Movement.
  3. Celebrate New Year 2004 by hosting in my yet-to-be-completed-but-will-be-by-end-of-year "Guy's Tiki Garden".

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