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Does this book look familiar?

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Got the new Design Toscano catalog in the mail today. And saw a familiar site in the picture of the "south seas palm tree lamp".

They are also using a Tiki Farm mug to sell the "Moroccan Monkey Butler Sculpture"

What can you say?...That book is a class act!

This further cements my belief that their two Tikis they offer were taken out of the book.
I wish they would have a pipe laying on it, like in the second photo...
As if Heff just put it down....or - BOB !

Whoa! Thanks for that post! I had forgotten the name of Design Toscano and had been unable to locate any of our old catalogs. Ooh... Hope my wife never see's that monkey... :|

Looks more like a Bob Pipe to me. Isn't that a faint Frop cloud we can see against the back of the chair?


I like to think that 'Bob' would have felt right at home in a Tiki Bar - a temple of Slack, to be certain.


And remember..."Too much is always better than not enough". :)

Pages: 1 6 replies