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TIKI TUESDAY pics and beyond

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Tiki tuesday pics

oceanic arts mugs


this ones for laney

The KU there were doing for "The Rock"

Bamboo bens

My wahine sitting on bens witco

A big shaka from brahda ben

da crew, polynesian pop, alshely (al), laney

tiki farm's bar

holdens top secret office

more upper office

laney hoggin up the pinball machine-outta da way weirduncletiki!!

Alnshelys way cool pad

da mixmaster himself and polypop


da ladys

trader vics was here

TIKI TI- smal but mighty

da boyz- beachbum berry,meihana, and weirduncletiki

to ray

trader vic BH

ladyvelour and my girl at some lodge cant remember the name

smoky da bear says...

johnnievelour and his lady- our fine hosts for the eveing

dats all folks

[ Edited by: hula hula on 2003-01-08 19:02 ]


Really enjoyed the photos. Again, there's that tapa ceiling lamp at Alnshely's that is so cool. I'd love to know the story on that one.

laney posted on Thu, Jan 9, 2003 4:38 AM

Great pics, Hula. Yep, you got me drinkin' in one (or kissing the air?) I wish we could have gone on with ya'll but I had to get my son from school. It was great meeting you and your beautiful wife. If there's a group outing to Taboo Cove count me in!


Nobody noticed my custom made SHAG Lakers shirt?
Not even Tiki Bong?!!!

You guys are laggin!!!!

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