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Very Odd Indeed!

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I was quitely watching this auction
and for days nothing happened. Then I check it today and its hit almost $60.00. So I looked at the Bid history, who bids against themself 7 or 8 times. I guess I'll have to pass on this mug and look at for this seller.

In a former life I was Alkuhul God of Drinking!!!

[ Edited by: TikiJones on 2003-01-08 20:05 ]


Thats my auction actually ! I really don't know why the auction is so high, I think it is a awesome mug, but honestly I don't know anything about it, if it is rare or if it is extra special.
The reason someone would bid against themselves on ebay is to try and beat the high bidder (they aren't making the price go any higher unless someone else has bid higher). Evedently surffreak bid high and shantiseeker was trying to outbid him. You can't bid against yourself and make the price go higher. It looks like a bidding war to me, I checked out the bid history earlier today.


HETO-- looks you stand to make a small mint off a mug isn't really all that rare or hard to find (to the best of my knowledge, that is! I could be completely wrong...) I've got one myself (although I always thought the marking said "R73B" 'cause I've also got an identical one that says "R73A") and I've seen them on eBay frequently. Suprisingly, I seem to see them for auction as part of a group of mugs for sale, rather than solo. A little on the small size but a cool mug nonetheless - great colors!

Now if I could just convince 'shantiseeker' or 'surffreak' that my Tiki Leilani is rare...

ps- cool pix on your 'About Me' page!


Uh, $57 for that mug? Lordy.

I do wish these bidders are around in a couple of weeks when the next Midnite Tiki Mug Charity Drive Bake Sale starts.


Ebay is always a hard call. You just never know how bad someone is going to want something. I thought the Blue Ridge would have a few bids ?
The BIG question is will I ever see the money once the auction is over !

Doctor Z you might be right, it may be a B, I took a pic of the bottom of the mug for the auction, it is really hard to tell.
Glad you like the me page pics !

I also hope these bidders are around Midnite, I have a few more to list. Surffreak seems to bid on some Cool Items.


HETO-- Oooooweee! You are making out like a bandit on this one!! It's over $80!! I might just have to put mine up (I'm sure I can pick one up cheap later...)!

BTW - who did the "Fu Manchu" on the purse you have up? He's a popular guy these days for TC jewelry...

$81.01!?! Dang, Heto... Ever considered shuttin' the store down and just sellin' on eBay from here on out? You could, possibly, make a few million in a matter of weeks if everything was bought be people like the one that got that mug!

In this particular case, I think the high bids are a result of the ignorance of the buyer. The winner "kohalacharms" is from my observation, new to the tiki collecting scene. This is obvious in that most of the items he/she has bid on of late are what I would consider staples of a collection - things that many long-time collectors should already have in their collection.

Of course, my theory could be wrong. kohalacharms could simply have a case of "gotta-have-it-itis" and will simply pay whatever it takes to add the respective item to his/her collection.

Whatever the case, in due time this collector will realize how much they are paying for what they are receiving culminating with the eventual response of --- "DOH!"

Good sale Heto-Tiki. Where are these bidders when I've got stuff for sale?

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[ Edited by: PolynesianPop on 2003-01-12 09:38 ]

Well, lets hope I see the money. That is one of the killers about ebay, you don't always see the cash after crazy bidding. I started the mug low, of course had no idea. I honestly don't know a whole lot about my mugs. Decided to list her this week just to clean out some of my extras.

DR.Z , I made the Fu Manchu purse. I was inspired by Tikifish to do some magnets for myself. I ended making a lot of little guys so decided to put a few on purses and try them on ebay. I usually paint on the old 50's bags.

Traitor Vic, I wish! It would be awesome to just sit back and sell 5-10 mugs a week and be set, LOL. It would be nice if ebay was consistent. But I would miss the store, why I don't know.


HETO-- uh oh... did the high bidder flake out on this auction? (or are you trying to see if lightning will strike twice!)

No, I was lucky the high bidder paid super quick, Which was Nice.
I really don't expect to get much for the one listed, it looks perfect displayed but it has been loved. I actually have 5 of them. I bought a 32 mug lot last month, and was just trying to sell some of doubles to pay for the lot, the hula mug paid for it and gave me some extra for new mugs. So cool deal. It would be rel nice if lightning struck twice though !

On 2003-01-17 16:22, HETO-TIKI wrote:
I bought a 32 mug lot last month

Noooo, Het, you're not allowed to come up with such brutal finds. We cheer as our pals get classics occasionally for a pittance, but a casefull for ONE person just makes our collector's blood steam. Sorry, but 32 mugs is too fine a find.

Trader Woody

I'm sorry Trader Woody, I know I am not worthy! But I am trying to share.
I actually bought the lot on ebay. The seller was really Nice (he sent some cool extras). But see I really really NEEDED them! I didn't have alot of the basic mugs one needs. I am on my way now. There are quite a few I have no idea about, I NEED a Tiki Mug Reference Book now.

Damn! A Tiki Mug Reference Book would be Nice! Is there such a thing?
I have only been "buying" Tiki Mugs for about 9 months and have No Idea of the Value placed on the Classics (or, even, what all of the Classics Are, for that matter).
I'm getting a late start and am in a horribly Tiki-Free part of the planet. Sure would be nice if there was a book to explain it all to me.
Hell! I bet the idiot that paid $81.10 for that mug of yours wishes they'd had a book like that, Heto!

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