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Westenhaver descendamt?

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I came across this Witco-esque wall mask on ebay.


The seller claims to be related to William Westenhaver. Anyone have any info on this person?

~ tikigreg

Wow, that's a pretty good Witco copy, though the fabric is hideous IMHO.

Sven, did Bill mention a grandson-in-law to whom he's teaching the ropes? Interesting...

What is IMHO? I don't know, I kinda like it...Remember, with Witco, bad taste is part of the style (see BOT Picasso quote).

It's his granddaughter, she came over when I was showing Bill and his wife the Marquesas slide show while staying at their house north of Seattle. She's married with children, and is an e-bay seller on the side. When she was trying to sell that Viking ship a couple of weeks ago I e-mailed her that she should wait til my book is out, and that probably only Witco TIKI stuff would sell on e0bay right now.
Looks like she needs some money and got busy. She really must have picked this up from her grandad, because it looks pretty authentic.
Maybe Bosko, who I was going to call the "heir" of Witco in my book, got some competition now, let's see how she does...

Sven -

In cyber-shorthand, IMHO= "In my humble opinion". like LOL = "Laughing out loud". Abbreviations used primarily in chatroom but have spilled out to listservs, forums and groups in recent times...

I wish Bill's grandaughter luck. She seems to have a knack for it.


Looks great to me!

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