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I don't get it. I just don't get it.

I enjoy an off-centered, disjoint familial cross-country road romp (LOOOOOOVED Transamerica), but not this one.

Maybe someone can explain it to me.....

You really didn't like it, Haole'akamai?? I laughed so hard at most places, my sides hurt. The tragedy, the humor, the sadness, the ridiculousness of the dysfunctionality of it all. Each character was supreme unto themself, causing me to root for each one as the underdog. I admit the final "music" portion was a bit too much for me, but by that time you would be ready for anything. I have recommended this movie highly to all my friends, and haven't heard negative reviews back, yet.

Maybe we get too much fresh air up in these vineyard covered hills, but I give it 2 thumbs up!!

  • Myke

It seems like in the last 15-20 years they'll just about give the Oscar nomination to anybody. Every once on a while you'll get a person that actually deserves it. Last time that happened was when Charlize Theron won for her performance in 'Monster'. I never thought she had it in her, but that was an amazing display of film acting. You forgot that she was somebody named Charlize Theron in real life which is the key to good acting in my opinion. All too often, I feel like I'm watching a celebrity make an attempt at acting instead of watching a character played by an actor. Will Smith among others wins that award! Everytime he's up there on the screen the message is 'hey, look at me I'm Will Smith and I'm ACTING'. I still can't beleive the history books now say 'Academy Award Winner-Reese Witherspoon'. WHAT??? Who's next? Jessica Simpson?? Another early sham was Cher winning for best actress in 'Moonstruck'. C'mon! The guys in the cast of 'Welcome Back Kotter' did a better job at putting on a Brooklyn accent.

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I loved "Little Miss Sunshine"! My view was that the little girl was an evil genius who wanted to poke fun at the surreal contestants and the whole process. And the dance sequence was really funny. They show parents and beauty show organizers allowing little girls to look like mini-hookers, but who get upset at a dance to "Super Freak"... I cracked up the whole sad movie!

I enjoyed Little Miss Sunshine and whether is won 100 Oscars or 100 razzies, I would still admire it's sly social satire. But if someone does not like it, an Oscar nomination should not influence ones personal opinion of it.

If the number of Oscars a movie won (and ticket sales) were to determine what makes a move bad or good, then Titanic would be the greatest movie ever. But I hated that melodramatic Harlequin romance. However, it won a hundred Oscars and made a trillion dollars in ticket sales so I must be some sort of weirdo for not liking it.

Sorry about the rambling tangent. I will calm down now.

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I didn't think much of this movie either. It was kind of painful to watch, in a Napoleon Dynamite sort of way. I tended to feel sorry for the poor saps instead of being amused by them.

Gimme a 500th rerun of Caddyshack over this stuff any day.


The wahine and I are working our way through the entire Cary Grant library right now.
16 more to go.

We'll get to the 70s, 80s and 90s in a few years and then move on into the new century about the time I can't see or hear.


I liked it alot. I found myself laughing aloud. Don't know if it was worth a nomination or not. I think peoples standards have dropped a little over time. I'd love to see a year when no film is nominated for a category because none of them make the grade. Short awards ceremony.


After so many people askin' me "Have you seen...???" I finally watched Little Miss Sunshine the other night and thought it was unimpressive. The final third of the film was just tedious. (Yay for fast forward!) The performances by Carrel and Arkin were very good, but the only thing I'll remember about the flick was that there was a helluva lotta hype over a mediocre film...It's perfect for the Oscars!

Cammo posted on Fri, Feb 2, 2007 9:09 AM

Cary Grant never won an Oscar for any of his films. They finally gave him one out of embarassment for 'Lifetime Achievement'.

The original Star Trek series never won a single Emmy. Not one, not for special effects, editing, sound, nada.

Woody Allen never made a good movie after getting the Oscar for "Annie Hall".

Steven Spielberg never got an Oscar for any of his great films. He never made a good movie after getting an Oscar (finally) for "Schindler's List".

Who needs it?

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