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Who's booked at the Hukilau?

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I am! I am! Alexis and I just booked our room! We have no idea whether we are driving (2-3 days) or flying, but we are GOING!!!!

In other great news, we are probably going to make the Chicago bash too... it's only 9 hours drive (converted to US hours thats only 5.7) so we dare all of you wallflowers who live far away to COME ON OUT!!!! We're doing it! So should you!

I don't want to hear any excuses from you spoiled Californians. Book those rooms NOW!!!

Hell, if we can come from Canada and risk an anal border search, surely you can spend a day or 2 in your K-Car to come out to the best Tiki bashes of the year.

You only live once, and the Mai Kai ain't gonna be there forever. Ditto with the Hala Kahiki. REMEMBER COLUMBUS!!!!!


I am! But I think the real question is who's not booked at the Hukilau?

Swanky posted on Thu, Jan 9, 2003 8:10 PM

These guys are booked!

Need you say more?

Swanky posted on Thu, Jan 9, 2003 8:42 PM

I guess I should explain. That is the image on the front of the Christmas card sent to us from Italy by our headline act "I Belli Di Waikiki." These guys are going to be fun.

My wife and I are booked! We'll also make it to Chicago.

I was just having thoughts about a pigpile with those guys...


Booked, both the hotel and the Sat. show at the Mai Kai.

QUESTION: When I called the Mai Kai to reserve my spot for the Saturday party, the gal seemed clueless ("How do you spell the group? Huki-what?"), and she asked if I wanted the early dinner show or the late dinner show. I told her I guessed the late, but I only knew to say "with the Hukilau group".

Swanky? Anyone know?

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