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Must have for your TIKI BAR!!!

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ya, if your name is buffetiki

im just a little hawaiian, and a home sick island boy, I wanna go back to my fish and poi...

[ Edited by: hula hula on 2003-01-09 22:23 ]

That would go well with a Mullet, a Trans-Am, and an exotic dancer girlfriend.

$102.00 and the reserve price was not met. Just goes to show that one man's junk is still his junk !!

damm ya'll am i poplar or wot! i do like that flamin bass!!!wot coiudl be better than a hot peice of bASS!

i don know if it wood look good in a tiki bar but i wood love to have somethihng like it in my gararge.
tahnks for showing it to us.
the BUFF

Where's the button you push to make it sing?

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