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Tapa Lamp

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Some people have asked about this lamp. I enjoyed John Tiki's "how to make a lamp" post so I thought I would post some info

I started this project with this tapa round. The sides were made from Tapa placemats. I purchased the cloth at "Momalanis Island Traditions" in Oceanside. This lamp is two particle board rounds joined by 4" pcs of 1x1. Basically a simple wooden frame with the tapa stretched over it. You adhere the tapa with a product called "Modge Podge" (once a staple in CA elementary schools) available at craft stores. Using a brush you wet the tapa with Modge Podge and place it on the wooden frame. Here you can see some of how the lamp was put together.

The wire you see is from an existing fixture. I incorporated an existing lamp part into my "lamp cover". I made it hug the ceiling because the front door opens under it. I recommend using the new "screw in" fluorescent bulbs, they don't get very hot, I think they're a little safer. It was the first Tapa lamp I made. It was so easy I plan to make a few more.


Thanks for the tips!! That is definitely going to be my next lamp making project. I have a light fixture in my basement that is dying for a treatment like this!

Oh, in case anyone missed my how-to...




oh NIFTY!! i am so amazed by the talent of this group.

so..um.. (i'm trying to imagine it) does the light shines through the sides only?



It has a nice warm glow. The light shines thru all sides. The bottom presswood round is ring shaped and the tapa is stretched over it, much like a drum. (see above photo)

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My mother-in-law has some big tapa cloths that she got when she lived in Kiribati and she wants to hang them on the wall, anybody got some idea's on how best to display them without damaging them?


Cool lamp, Al!

Even more impressive in person. Thanks for revealing your method.



Another great lamp post. I am headin' back to the drawing board again.
Does any one have a good online resources for Tapa? Any advantages over regular fabric? I would think that tapa would be stiffer and easier to work with.
Also, how are you wrapping the cloth around the edge of the top with out it laying down weird and wrinkling?


Kumai! Kumai! Ka nalu nou mai Kahiki mai, Alo poi pu! Ku mai ka pohuehue, Hue! Kaiko Loa.

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