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MAI-KAI cocktail lounge, South Haven Mi.

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A couple of pics of the matchbook from the Mai-Kai. Located in the Fidelman's resort complex in South Haven Mi. The resort started out as a Jewish oriented resort and played host to many big name music acts in it's hayday. The lounge had a polynesian decor and floor show. The resort was sold in 1985 and is now some type of summer camp. I'm going to do some ground work and find some more info and pis to post. Thought this would spark some intrest for now. Thanks


Hi I just joined and saw this post. I live right around the corner from the old Fidleman's!! I was lucky enough to have been to this place one for a bachorlorette party back in 1981. Sure miss the old resort! Great find on the matchbook!

Finally getting back to this search. I think the place is still mainly intact. I got the photo from my tiki base in outer space. I'll have to do some ground work and a drive by. The "dream pool" is in the center of the photo. Can't tell by the photo which building the Mai Kai Lounge may have been.


uncle trav,
Save your gas. There is nothing Tiki left at the old Fidelman's Mai Kai. We have family with a cottage in the area that we frequently visit and we drive by the place on our way down Phoenix Road. We met the original owner years ago and she gave us an old brochure which shows what it looked like. She did not have any old photos. Just the cocktail lounge was Tiki, not the whole resort. Apparently back in the day, it was really hopping with some big name entertainers and was "The" place for nightlife in Southwest Michigan.

The family sold it and it became Camp Agudah, a Jewish summer camp. They continued to operate the Fideland Fun Park next door where they had an arcade, bumper boats and go-karts, but sadly it appears to have closed this year.

I recall that the brochure showed some Witco in the Mai Kai lounge. I'll have to find that and scan it. We have forever been looking for artifacts from there as Amy's folks remember visiting the place. All I've ever seen besides the matchbook you posted was a glass ashtray with their logo and a Tiki in the design.

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Thanks for the heads-up Duke. I had a feeling it was all gone but the thrill of the hunt is addictive. The South Haven historical society had a display on the resort a few years ago. They may have some photos of the place. I'll do a bit of digging there. Maybe we could have something to document the site if only in pictures. I would love to see some scans of your brochure. I'm always hoping to see my big Witco war club piece maybe hanging in one of the lost Tiki establishments from around here. Thanks again.

HI Guys..

As to Fidelmans Resort, I am the last generation Fidelman that had the honor to be able to see it while it was still up and running.
As I am only 27 years old..I remember very little about the Mai Kai lounge, but have been told enough stories by my dad Michael who ran it for 25 years, and my Grandmother Sheila who was the owner.
Sadly in 2008 My grandmother passed away, but I have been filled with a lifetime of stories and memories from the resort in its hay day.
I have so many boxes safely packed away with pictures, brochures, matches, and even some videos from the resort.
I would be more than happy to post some pictures of what I have.

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First off, this thread needs to be moved to Locating Tiki.


Welcome to Tiki Central. We would love to see what you have from the old Mai Kai.

I have this postcard of the bar, very cool looking place but no Tiki.

Show us some more.


Hi and Welcome, SFidelman,

I think you'll find the folks here ecstatic to see pictures of the place back in the day. We live for that kind of stuff.

Time to dig this thread up again. I missed picking up this brochure recently but was able to save the pics. I had to blow them up so the quality of the pics are bad. At least we have an idea of what the lounge at the resort looks like. We can see some bamboo decor and a coconut mug and possibly another in the background. The second pic has what maybe some Witco in the background . Not much info but every find helps document the location.

Uncle Trav,

Was hoping you were going to get that brochure. Here is a postcard I saw on Flickr that is from the tropical staircase leading to the Oahu Room at the Fidelman's Resort.


Great card DC. I was a little slow on the draw on that auction. I hope to find another one some day.

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