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Anyone near Newton, Mass???

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I found a little friend for 99 cents today far from home. I can tell from the slight crackled finish that he has to be at least from the 1960s.

I couldn't find anything about this place on Critiki or other sites but I Googled it and it appears to be a Chinese Restaurant that is still open. The address is
1152 Beacon St
Newton, MA 02461

Has anyone been there?? Photos/ephemera?

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[ Edited by: sputnikmoss 2016-07-14 10:26 ]

Crikey! Let's go!

Hey Yeah! Looking forward to checking that out!

This review sounds good:

"In Short
With its unchanged Polynesian motif and nondescript lounge area, South Pacific maintains a charming, retro-kitsch atmosphere."

[ Edited by: The Granite Tiki 2007-02-15 20:41 ]

if the timing works, I am game.

Did a little online research on South Pacific Chinese Restaurant at 1152 Beacon St, in Newton.;
I tried the phone number (617) 332-7250 but it just rang and rang (will try during the evening hours).
City Search gives them an interesting description though -
" With its unchanged Polynesian motif and nondescript lounge area, South Pacific maintains a charming, retro-kitsch atmosphere. Generations of area families have spent their Sundays plowing through plates of straightforward Chinese comfort fare (pork fried rice, subgum shrimp chow mein, pineapple chop suey). Bargain combination dinners for one combine an entree with a couple of appetizers and some rice. Luncheon specials cost as little as $5 and are served daily, except for Sundays, until 3pm. This part of Newton is seriously devoid of any bars--South Pacific's lounge has a TV (albeit a small one) and cheap drinks, for those looking to catch the Sox game."
The operating hours are listed as Mon-Sat 11:30am-12:30am Sun 12pm-12:30am.

Sounds like a cool place

How about a weeknight, Granite? JP? I'm up for Wednesday. Also Thursday. Maybe Friday.

I actually already have plans to go with my wife on Monday evening!

She works in Natick, so I'll be picking her up at 7:00 and cruisin' on over there for dinner.

If anyone would like to join us, you'd certainly be welcome!

I hope you guys have fun this weekend. I can't believe this place was under the radar! I found another review on Yahoo and it sounds like this place remains unchanged since the 1960s.

"My husband and I used to frequent this restaurant back when we were dating in the 1960's. It was our favorite. After living in Florida for many years we came back. Our first restaurant to visit was the South Pacific. It was wonderful. I think some of the waiters were there back in the old days. The food was just as wonderful as always and the Planter's Punch was just as good as we remembered. You can't get a Planter's Punch anywhere in the world as good as at the South Pacific. They say "You can't go back", but in the case of The South Pacific, you can! Thank you for still being there and for being just as great now as you were 40 years ago! Mark and Rosemary Soucy "

I can't wait to hear what you guys find out! How funny that it took a tiki mug found in Portland Oregon of all places to rediscover this place. I love this kind of stuff, it's our own little episode of History Detectives!

Hey Pappy, Granite and all you snowbound NE Tcers - I'm excited about the thought of this.
Granite - make sure you get some pics, "missplace" some menus, scope out the tiki mugs - can't wait to hear!
Pappy - Weds, Thurs, fri - all good, I also like Mondays, tuesdays, Sundays.... Saturdays too!

We went! We loved it!

Read all about it!


Thanks sputnikmoss!!!!

THATS SO WEIRD!!! I found this exact same mug at Saver's thrift shop in Providence Rhode Island and was wondering where this was from!

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