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grog, redondo beach, ca (bar) updated 6/11/07

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Street: 514 N. PCH
City:Redondo Beach

Former "Point Break" Bar w/new name, new owners Inside redone, they made alot more room! Looks a bit less Tiki however still very "Don the Beachcomber" looking. Low lighting, very clean/lounge like atmosphere. Remy

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GROG posted on Sat, Feb 17, 2007 1:47 AM

GROG like the name of the bar, but not sure why.

anybody been here? how is it?


Well the Agents oF VooDoo are gonna break this place in tomorrow night [Sat. June 9] Cmon down n help us try all da drinks!
.....I'll try n post a report on everything [ I can remember!] After my hangover dies a quite death. So I'm figuring around the 4th of July!.............Remy


.......OK, the Agents Rocked [chanted?] the place til past midnite. Rumor has it they will be back there soon. The "Grog's Grog" was served up in a coconut mug, & packed a PUNCH! Tasted great too. I heard the Mai Tai's were excellent also. They make an "honest" drink [no slouchin on da booze!] Didnt get a chance to try the food yet. ........Nobody weve met that works there, thinks their gods gift to anything. All very nice,cool peeps, even the doorman/bouncer! They dont let anything wack [yno, the bad wack] happen in there. Great safe cool neighborhood, no cover, no drink min. I think they need more "stuff" on the walls, but I saw some cool Betty Page b&w photos, other Tiki art, some nautical stuff. GOOD vibe to the place.
.........The room "sounds" good. No echos, warm sounding room, the Agents all agreed. Theres dancin, yep, I saw em do it! Right there on the floor,all night! Anyway, so far, so good wid da place. I think its more than worth chekin out!.......Remy

how was the turnout?



......Hey Jeff, howzit? Havent talked with ya in a while. The place was about half full when the Agents rolled in about 8-O-clock. Then more peeps kept comin in all night. It was pretty full all night. By the time we did our encore [ your sh***in me, encore??, sweartagod!] around midnite the joint had run outa all the tap beer, & the place was STILL jumpin with a great crowd! Hey, we played sum surf, although "VooDooizd, you might dig it. Tell ya wat, cmon down next time & I'll buy ya a beer. A GREAT GIG!!! A GREAT place! Thanks for asking.................................Remy

When I saw your original post I was stoked, and was gonna go.
But then I remembered that I had a party to go to.
and I had picked up Rum for them, and they needed it.

Next time I will try to be there.

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