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Panther Room, Malaya Room, Bamboo Room, College Inn, Sherman Hotel, Chicago, IL (restaurant)

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Name:Panther Room, also Malaya Room, Bamboo Room, Chicago, IL

Description of postcard:
The Panther Room and Malaya Room at the College Inn offered live music and dancing. A waiter dressed in a Hindu outfit offers grilled meats on a giant flaming sword skewer. The decor includes leopard skin fabric, green palm leaves, a small panther sculpture, and lots of bamboo.

This WWII-era postcard also shows the hotels wartime patriotism with rooms decorated in red white and blue.

A blue carpet, bedspreads and chair are complimented with bright red chairs, curtains, wall art and lamps with red trim.

A custom headboard/bookshelf, side table and desk add to the modern style of the room.

This place had many huge big band acts during the 1940's. These included Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, Cab Calloway, and Jimmy Dorsey. It was one of the great bamboo rooms of the 40's and had a full restaraunt, bar, and nightclub. The College Inn was the name of the restaraunt in the Hotel Sherman which housed the Panther Room/Malaya Room nightclub. The Hotel closed in 1973 and was demolished in 1980. The Thompson center now occupies the lot of what was Chicago's longest continuously operating hotel.


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