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Tiki Bar Blueprints or Plans

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I am wanting to build a tiki bar and grill out by my pool. You just cant ask someone in kokomo, mississippi if they can draw blueprints for one. No one knows what to do or where to get materials needed. I need some help finding some pictures. I dont want a two seater bar. I am planning a big bar with a grill off to the side. Gotta keep it away from the thatch!!!! This is going to be for my personal use, not commercial. Oh and i got a cool ceramic mold of some stackable tiki cups off ebay the other day. I am getting about 200 poured. If anyone is intrested, email me and when i get them finished i will send pictures. The mold was made in the 60's and is more Aztec. It is pretty cool though. Never seen them before. [email protected]


Hey I would think in Kokomo someone would know how to build a tiki bar :D

I just searched Google and found this page http://www.expage.com/page/tikibar

I don't know anything about them but you could email them for more info.

There were also alot of companies that sell the "pre-fab" kits, don't know if you wanted to go that route.
Don't know if I helped :)


Safari Thatch might be a goo dplace to contact. they do contracts for restaurants and hotels, etc., and they might could both sell you all the supplies you need and give you some plans. The cost might be high though, btu maybe that doesn't matter and maybe it's only high if you are used to shopping at thrift stores...

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