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Tiki Pool Hall in Lawndale, CA!

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This Saturday, Doctor Z and I were garage-saling in the city of Hawthorne. The Doctor had just picked up a nice tall rattan shelving unit for his ever-expanding collection of mugs. (He would later find a couple of ceramic coconut mugs as well). We were heading back to Torrance along Hawthorne Blvd, when suddenly my Tiki-sense went into overload and I practically killed us swerving into a left-hand lane to make a U-turn and get us back to this building we had just passed:

The Hurricane Bar & Grill has been around forever, (check-out the old metal sign on the top of the building), and I've driven by it many times, but it looks like it's just undergone a major Tiki-renovation!

The air-brush artist who did this is extremely talented, but we could not find his signature anywhere on the building. The joint was closed on a Saturday morning, but peering through the windows, we could see pool tables, a great bamboo bar, matting on the walls, tiki masks, glass floats and fish hanging from the cieling, and some beautiful painted hula-girl murals in the skylight and elsewhere. Really top-notch decor. Here are some photos I snapped through the windows:

I'll have to take more photos inside when they're actually open.

Doctor Z and I have decided that a Tiki Pool Night is definitely in order. We saw all the talented Tiki Central bowlers in action at the Kona Lanes, now we need to gather the pool sharks for an evening at The Hurricane, methinks. I myself and am a rank amateur with the cue, but I'd love to play and embarass myself nonetheless.

Can anyone else be tempted to brave the Sports-Bar atmosphere? I'd love to see a bunch of Tiki-Centralites in Hawaiian attire take over this place for a night.

The address is 14620 Hawthorne Blvd, about a mile North of the San Diego Freeway (405) on the Right-hand side.

Like I said, I'll try to catch it when it's open and get more details, including what they serve at the bar.


What a lovely reversal of the "it has tikis, let's tear it down!" mentality! Wish we saw that more often...

Point is, if you get ENOUGH Tiki Centralites in there at one time, the sports bar atmosphere can be easily neutralized. Hah.

Bravo to you and your urban archaeology, Sabu.

Maybe they have karaoke?

Mostly beer there guys. I went there when the new owner had just taken over. He's a nice guy,from Africa I think. Anyways, They serve food(carribean fare) . He bought it from the previous owner who was the one that did the decorating. It is pretty cool inside.

hold the singing!, lets drink and play pool like MANLY MEN with our females looking on in awe!. i am also a medium pool player , but i am sooo there.

Would love to see more pics of the place when you get them.

Very nice work. Has the artist painted on other buildings in the area?

On 2003-01-13 23:26, thechikitiki wrote:
Mostly beer there guys. I went there when the new owner had just taken over. He's a nice guy,from Africa I think. Anyways, They serve food(carribean fare) . He bought it from the previous owner who was the one that did the decorating. It is pretty cool inside.

You mean it went "Tiki", and THAN it went under/changed owners? Worthy an investigation. I love playing pool, but have "unlearned" it....really!
(old trick from "The Hustler" with Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason. I LOVE that movie.)

A tiki pool night sounds like a great idea.

Don't forget George C. Scott! That movie was very meaningful to my friends way back when. If there ever becomes a movement that combines tiki with pool, my conversion rate goes way up here in SE Portland. I am the tiki-renegade from a pool-cult up here.


First bowling, now billards! I'm in! Just lemmie know when.

Sounds fun...we had a blast bowling.
We're in! Date? Time??

Seeing that I will be in the area this Saturday, anybody wanna meet up for some pool here? I don't wanna brag but, just so you know, in my time I've been known to handle a stick and balls like no other...wait a sec, that didn't come out right.

Anyways, how about meeting up this Saturday (2/08) here?

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Would love to go but unfortunately the wife and I are booked on Saturday. :(

I'm free the following weekend if you don't get any takers for this week.

Agh! Check that last statement! Looks like I'm out the following weekend too! I'll be headin' out to Vegas for a preemptive strike on the Taboo Cove.

Vegas, baby! Vegas!



As Tiki as I wanna be.

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Sabu, Z Girl and the good Doctor are up for the 8th, Pop - anyone else?? I can't play pool to save my life (and would hate to find myself in a situation where I'd have to...), so lets get some more folks to go so I'm not 'forced' to play... Twowheelin'? Floratina? Chiki? LuckyD? How 'bout it?

I'm in, pool first, then the purple orchid?

Hey, I forgot about the Purple Orchid! Still haven't seen this place since its so damn far away from me. Actually, Purple Orchids sounds better to me - I suck at pool.

what he said!......pool then orchid!


is this thing going down on the 8th or WHAT?
[email protected]


Sam's? I've never heard of that place...


Have fun shootin pool you So. Cal Tiki Freaks! The Mrs.Boo and I will be back in Vegas seeing the Stones again in the 3rd row at the MGM!!!! Hey Lucky, That would be a cool shirt. "So. Cal Tiki Freaks". It can be a splinter group! I'll be selling vials of Keith Richards' sweat when we return!
the Boo's


Sorry we can't make the "Purple Pool" event but we gots an invite to a benefit for The Children's Aids Foundation sponsored by none other than 'Jacko' himself! We got an 'in' to the party where we'll be sippin' cocktails with Liz Taylor, Warren Beatty & Annette Bening. No lie!

Tom Petty's playin' and the Reverend recommends gettin' stoned before we see him. I think cocktails will do just fine.

I doubt Jacko will show, given the recent expose on his life, but he's scheduled to be there so you never know.

Catcha next time.


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"Baby, even the losers
get lucky sometimes."

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