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Fisherman's Grotto in Monterey, CA

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I stumbled on this web site for a restaurant in Monterey with a menu of exotic cocktails:


Has anyone been there?

I was there, ah, I think a year or so ago. I had a Singapore Sling, if I recall. Or something red. It was passable, not exciting. Craig had a Mai Tai (which, as ever, he prounounced 'inferior').

The decor is Generic Seafood Restaurant, the food was excellent, service slow, nothing tiki of note.

tiki mama hit the nail on the head!. i have been twice and it's so-so. the drink menu descriptions says it all(compare with your tiki drink guide). sweet&sour blue hawaii!, arg!

keep the rubber side down and the gas on!

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I poked my head into that place. Nothing new or tiki that I remember. I thought it looked more like an Italian joint. I think I remember a trellis with fake plants and cheese hanging around. Its kinda fuzzy. I definately remember outside there was as organ grinder with a spare changin' monkey . He was more tiki than that restaurant.


Kumai! Kumai! Ka nalu nou mai Kahiki mai, Alo poi pu! Ku mai ka pohuehue, Hue! Kaiko Loa.

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Ah, yes..... Sabu Shake's Old Fisherman's Grotto. I've spent many a meal in that joint. (Not because it's awesome or anything, it just happens to stay open on holidays when we're visiting folks in the area). Food is okeedokee, service is not rude yet slooow, and I've never actually had a cocktail there(I can't believe it myself! Next time, for sure. For the sake of informing my dear Tiki Centralites, of course). If you get a window table you're sure to see sea lions swimming about in the harbor and maybe even a playful otter. To me the view is the biggest attraction there, but the chowdah ain't bad.

-Weird Unc


Suggest you check out instead Hula's on Lighthouse Ave. They only have beer & wine (and sake drinks), but the food is good.


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The interior images of Fishermans Grotto look amazingly like Ariel's Grotto restaurant in Disneys California Adventure... was Fishermans Grotto the inspiration for the Disney place?



I have been to Hula's. A good place to get a sandwich and a beer, but as Martin mentioned no tropical drinks. Also, they don't really have much of atmosphere. It's not really polynesian but more like a beach shack feel.


HEY Weird Unc--that is a really creepy guy in your photo. The man in the suit looks awfully sharp, though!

You got to go to the Fish Hopper (http://www.fishhopper.com/index.html)
It use to be the Mark Thomas Outrigger in cannery Row.The tiki drinks are traditional ingrediants and a great mug with fire and the whole bit.I just recently noticed that the Mark Thomas Outrigger mugs they use to sell are going for a "pretty penny" on ebay.

the outrigger kicks ass!. the wife and I hit it every year in 2nd weekend in july during world superbike weekend.The kick ass food.Will have to try the drinks, cuz last year I was without proper tiki mixing skills!

Hey Unga Bunga,
Thanks for the link to the Fishhopper. I know I'll for sure check it out next time the clan and I venture down to Monterey. The drink menu looks tasty, I especially dig the little picture of the volcano bowl... Look Out!!


When you guys come this way, you definitely got to stop here (my place) and help christen my new (ultra big) tiki bar. Open bar to fellow T.C. Centralites!
Twowheelin, for the past 10 years, I have been bartending the World Motor Bike races.
It's almost here and I'm counting the days. July 11, 12 and 13.
Maybe we should connect at the track (Laguna Seca). Let me know.

On 2003-04-02 19:21, mrsmiley wrote:
HEY Weird Unc--that is a really creepy guy in your photo. The man in the suit looks awfully sharp, though!

Well, here's the latest photo of the sharp dresser and the creepy guy.

That white suit, must be his trademark. He never seems to change out of it!

p.s. Anyone been in here lately? Any word on the tropical drink quality? Fogcutter served in sourdough bread bowl?

[ Edited by: weirduncletiki on 2004-01-12 16:16 ]

I've been there.

It's one of those places where you get the distinct impression that no matter what you order, they make the same drink!

Don't waste your time. Go to the FishHopper (That use to be Monterey Outrigger) or Hula's.

you people have got to try Hulas grill on lighthouse ave in Monterey again.I was there a few months ago and it was great !Its a true tiki joint now with a full bar serving mai tais made to the trader vics recipe and many other drinks .There is also a party room you can rent that is full of tikis and has bamboo booths to sit in and cool lamps .The food is excellent and they even have their own signature tiki mugs made by Tiki Farm .


We stopped by the Fishhopper a couple of months ago on a trip up the coast. There wasn't a whole lot of tiki left but the place still has a good vibe. Talked to an old waiter who reminisced about the old Outrigger. The drinks are worth the trip as they have a nice selection, many served in tiki mugs (didn't try the food). We got there early (10AM) on the way to the aquarium and ordered a drink served in a flaming volcano bowl. Also, the view there is top notch as it is at the end of the pier right on the water. Here's a photo of the exterior:

ModMana :drink:

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