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My tiki lamps...

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Just finished a bunch of lamps with tikis that I carved out of small pieces of ash... thought I'd share one with all of you...


Very nice job...That's a hot seller if I ever saw one...where are you getting the shades?

A bit pricey at $6... but I'm buying them from IKEA outside of Chicago...

[ Edited by: Lake Surfer on 2003-01-14 13:09 ]

That lamp is terrific! You should go into the tiki lamp business. I bet you could sell alot of them.

Yeah LakeSurfer! nice job. Are you sellin' them? Let us know of any auctions.



Looks great! What's the dimensions? Will you be selling them?

I am selling them... I currently have 5 and those are being sold to fellow Great Lakes Surfers right now... the lamps are $50 and shipping will be a little extra, but I will post pictures again when I have more of them made. They stand about 12 inches or so high. Mahalo for your comments and for your interest!

[ Edited by: Lake Surfer on 2003-01-15 09:56 ]

Beautiful! I ain't got no Tiki Lamps yet, so... I'm in the market Big Time! Keep us posted on their availability!

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