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Is Weehawken Tiki?

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Anything Tiki in or near Weehawken, New Jersey?

you're relatively close to chan's & the 2 lee's hawaiians & right across the river from nyc.

check the "jersey" topic & the nyc stuff.


Husbands there needing something to do and go see. He's only there till Friday. If he was staying a little longer he could go on the NYC Crawl this weekend. Oh Well! Thanks Chris :D

[ Edited by: DawnTiki on 2003-01-15 11:56 ]

non tiki but if he can make it down to hoboken (weehawken borders hoboken) there's a kick ass cuban restaurant called "la isla".

plus hoboken is the birth place of sinatra w/ tons o' bars.

& always nyc (of which weehawken has some of the best views!)

interesting note about weehawken:
thelonious monk spent his last days there.

[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2003-01-15 12:34 ]

Thanks Chris, I will send all this info his way...He has a kick ass view of NYC from his hotel room, to bad its 27 degress there today...Brrrr!


Most of the stuff that I can recommend is downtown but not exclusively.
The best advice I have for you is to just take a long walk (especially around Greenwich Village – try Bedford St, the East Village and Chinatown) and discover your own favourite New York sites (but don’t be afraid to use the subway or a cab and save yourself from foot torture)!

Let me start off w/ a list of some yummy eateries in Chinatown:

Possibly my favourite restaurant in New York is Thai Son which is a Vietnamese restaurant (on Baxter below Canal and before the Chinese Park). Start w/ the summer rolls, order the entrée of your choice and do yourself a big favour by finishing w/ the rainbow ice for dessert! Four adults w/ healthy appetites can devour a lot of food there for under $30.00!

Saint’s Alp Teahouse (Mott Street) is a fun place for snacks and funky drinks:


And while you’re downtown:

I highly recommend a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The view coming back from Brooklyn to Manhattan is impressive to say the least!

A free (or is it now $.50?) ride on the Staten Island ferry offers some incredible views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. I can’t really recommend any other reason for going to Staten Island though.

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is fantastic - my wife and I recommend it to everyone, whether they’re long time residents of New York or just visitors. It’s really a must see and a gem of a museum:


Paisley is a cool place to hang out. It’s close to the Tiki Room:


And if you like Paisley and the Tiki Room, try Sushi Samba (it’s

kinda price though):


Café Asean has excellent South East Asian cuisine (again, not cheap though):


Movin’ on up:

There’s a great Peruvian restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen (9th Ave. at 53d St or so, maybe 52nd, but I don't think higher than 54). Try the chicha – a drink made from the juice (?) of purple Andean corn! And try the hot sauce that they serve w/ the bread, but be careful and order a picture of water!

My experience has been that most Broadway shows suck. That being said, Cabaret is fantastic and the Producers is supposed to be great too! I suggest booking online well in advance if you want to see a big show.


Hoboken, affectionately know as “the other borough,” is a Jersey town just a short PATH train ride beneath the Hudson, or a beautiful ferry ride across! It’s the birthplace of baseball and Frank Sinatra.

There’s an incredible Cuban restaurant over there called La Isla (Washington Ave. near the PATH station) that I still have dreams about!

Maxwell’s is a great club in Hoboken that books good music consistently:


Don’t be afraid to ask New Yorkers for directions. In general, they’re some of the nicest folks in the world, w/ real empathy for newcomers and visitors (most of them moved there from somewhere else anyway). They’re not rude - they’re just direct and sometimes really strapped for time.

Make sure to have some local pizza too (stay away from the franchise looking places though)!

Please feel free to email me w/ any questions. Also, if you let me know what kind of food you like, maybe I can come up w/ some other options for you: Cambodian? Ethiopian? Soul Food?

Have fun!
Tiki Chris


I have sent all of this to my man in Weehawken. Since his stay there is almost over I will print this info out and save it for any future trips to NYC. We were thinking of going this summer, there or to the Hukilau in Ft. Lauderdale...haven't decided yet. Thanks again - Dawn

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