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Thousand Crane, Manchester, NH (restaurant)

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Name:Thousand Crane
Street:1000 Elm Street
Phone:(603) 634-0000

A very very very delcious restaurant. It serves Chinese and Japanese cuisine with a good selection of typical polynesian drinks.

The drinks include Mai Tais, Zombies, Headhunters, Scorpion Bowls, and more! The other night when I went there for dinner with my girlfriend I asked if it was possible to purchase one of their mugs. (A brown moai-esque mug) However, head chef patted me on the shoulder and promptly apologized and said no. Oh well. The food is still worth it. Their pu-pu platter and Scallion pancakes are divine. If you're in Manchester, NH give this place a try. It's delicious and a favorite around here.

I have some pictures of the interior of this place

Here's a picture of their alcohol :)

here's my pupu platter

AND the very nice sushi maker

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