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Munktiki in Japan

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I guess our own Stuckie is too shy to blow his own trumpet here on Tiki Central, but it looks like the Munktiki stuff has been going down a storm in Japan...


(And if Tiki becomes popular in Japan, we're all sitting on goldmines)

Trader Woody

Very Cool! Congratulations Stuckie! TW, how did you find this? I'd like to get a copy of that magazine.

Stuckie - is any of the jewelry going to be available for sale in the US?

I'd love to be able to come up with a fascinating story about how I found it through hours of sweat & toil, but it's actually through the miracle of checking out the Munktiki website!

Trader Woody


All this time, I never thought to scroll down. Boy what have I been missing.


Kudos to Stuckie, nice to see the fellows at Munktiki getting some ink. However, I am reserving my highest accolades for when Munktiki is featured on "Super Terrific Happy

Here in America Munktiki is just another apple, but in Japan they are an exotic fruit.

Big in japan...think I'm turning Japanese.

Really think so, think so...


Good to see Munktiki getting some recognition - now I need to know how to get a black Evil Bastard!!


now I need to know how to get a black Evil Bastard!

I was thinking the same thing! They look ultra-cool in black, don't they?

Dang! Haven't visited the site in a few weeks but... Did I just see a whole bunch of stuff I've never ever seen before in my whole life? That Black Evil Bastard and the Jewelry are cool. I could stand a couple 'dem little skulls, too.

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