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Haluwa Restaurant & Lounge, Nashua, NH (restaurant)

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Name:Haluwa Restaurant & Lounge
Street:100 Coliseum Avenue
Phone:(603) 883-9009

To make up for my stupid posting of "Asia" a couple days ago, i searched up some more local Chinese/Polynesian restaurants and located one that has not already been posted. (Again I sincerely apologize for posting an already posted location...my bad).

Alright anyways! If you guys have been here I hear it's great. There's live entertainment and bands. You can see it right off the highway! You can't miss it. I just drove past it today actually. It's right in the heart of the little shopping center that includes a Christmas Tree Shop, a Bugaboo Creek restaurant and other assorted buildings. It's a great locale. Here's some reviews of the place.

"By far the best Crab Rangoon I have ever had. Drinks are very good and live bands on the weekend if you are looking for a night out."
"saturday nights live bands, no cover, great food, and drinks worth the dollars"

That's my 2 cents. :D

[ Edited by: PockyTiki 2007-04-07 10:10 ]

There is no Tiki at the Haluwa. I've played gigs there off and on for years.

Nothing to see there.

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