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Korean Jang Seungs (really big tiki-like guys)

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Kitty and I spotted these near the entrance of the Palace Inn & Suites in Lincoln City, OR. As you can see, they are about fifteen feet tall. These are Korean Jang Seungs (wishing statues) which traditionally are carved on the first full moon of the new year to symbolize peace and happiness for everyone. They also are considered guardians from bad luck and illness.

These four Jang Seungs were originally displayed in Seoul, Korea for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Games. The artist’s name is Yoosuk Bang. (You suck bong?) Anyway, why and how they ended up on the Oregon coast is something we will have to check out. There might be something to the luck thing. Minutes after shooting this photo we found a junk shop where I bought a Witco tiki candle holder (it looks like Witco anyway) and a handful of nice mugs. They also had a cool five and a half foot resin/fiberglass (?) tiki that I just couldn’t afford (at this time.) Very odd to see this stuff in Lincoln City.

Next time, after we visit these statues we’re heading straight to the casino.

Yoosuk’s website:

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