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Tiki Lodge, Salem Oregon Closed (motel)

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Name:Salem, Oregon
Street:3705 Market St. NE

I was in Salem a couple days ago and drove past what used to be The Tiki Lodge. It has been gutted and looks like it is being torn down. The sign is still up so if you are traveling through Salem on I-5, glance to the east at Market Street for a last look at the only feature of the motel that was remotely tiki-related.

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I noticed the same thing on my way up to Portland yesterday. It's surrounded by a chain link fence and the content of all the rooms is now in the parking lot.


Some co-workers of mine were up in Oregon one morning last week. Well, they must have had an early breakfast with lots of coffee when they crossed paths with the TIKI LODGE.
And I know that they're first thought was "We've gotta call Anders!" because that's exactly what they did at 6:30am. Out of a dead sleep, I remember them saying they'd had to call me and snap photos to share with me when they got back LA. I thanked them and went back to bed.

Later I thought how it was cool to know others are in search of TIKI for me.

One problem this time though...they paved paradise, put up parking lot! :o

Remembering after all that it's the thought that counts, I told them to keep'em coming! :)

I grew up in Salem 1977-1988, and I don't remember the Tiki Lodge ever being more than Tiki in name only. But, maybe before my time it could have.

Here is a postcard and matchbook I have from the Tiki Lodge in Salem. Both items advertise that is was formerly a Hyatt Lodge, which may explain the lack of built in Tiki (other than the A-Frame).

The restaurant was the Keg and Platter, no Tiki there!

There was a sister location in Spokane, also a former Hyatt Lodge.


Nice post, DC. It's interesting that the Palm Springs Tropics Motel became a Hyatt at some point:

The Tropics A-frame entrance being so distinctive, maybe Hyatt thought "Hey, let's declare any A-frame property we have as Polynesian"

The only real tiki that existed in Salem, Oregon:


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