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puppy name

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Hey guys..I'm getting a new puppy and I am trying to think of an ultra-cool name for him. He is a chiuahua. I'm thinking something mexican or tiki. Any suggestions?

Just don't call it "late for dinner"
Nothin' like a one bite puppy taco!

How about Senor Pico? It's kinda tiki and Mexican.

A chiuahua is not a "dog"
It is a snack for a dog.
In some circles they are called "RATS"
I will not help name a rodent.
How about Fifi it is kinda Mexican
And its kinda TIKI
I'm sorry I foregot the tilde over FiFi

Tikiboi, my tikis eat poodles and chihuahua's for lunch.
Chalupa anyone?


How about Honolulu the chihuahua? Lulu for short. It's a boy, Lu for short.

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Hozabout Chi-chi? It the name of a drink, and its Mexican. Or Tiki-lia (like tequilla) Just be sure to check for worms on the bottom, Oh-my.

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Hmm, I cant delete this double post?

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Iole The Rat And Pueo The Owl A Hawaiian Legend:

Iole the Rat and Pueo the Owl were kupua who lived in Kohala. Pueo was a farmer. Every night he worked, and when the sun rose he rested, for his eyes were blinded by the sunlight. Iole, on the other hand, was an ill-bred fellow who depended on his wit in thievery. He constantly stole sweet potatoes from Pueo, who watch to pounce upon him.

Iole at last realized that Pueo was carefully watching his steps to the potato patch, so he dug an underground passage which reached the garden and ate the potatoes until he was satisfied.

Not seeing Iole coming to steal, Pueo concluded that he had gone away and began to be careless. One night, Pueo went to pull potatoes for himself and saw that the greater number of them were gone and many of those remaining had been eaten away except for the small portion attached to the stem.

Great was his wrath, and he sought a way to revenge himself. So he watched for the human keeper, who was filling a gourd with water for Iole. When the water gourd was filled, Pueo flew to the gourd and pecked a hole in it. The man seized a stick of wood and struck Pueo, and one of his legs was broken.

Pueo waited until his leg was well and sought a way to injure Iole. He went among those who were skilled at rat shooting but found none who could destroy this upstart. Then he heard of a certain rat shooting wizard on Oahu named Pikoi, the son of Alala the Crow. Pueo went and made friends with Pikoi and told him about the thievery of Iole. Pikoi loved to hunt rats so they both set sail for Hilo. Pikoi went to the top of Kauiki hill and looked toward Kohala. He saw Iole and shoot an arrow at him. As Iole the rat lay tranquilly dreaming, never thinking of danger, he was struck by Pikoi's arrow and instantly killed. The place where he died was named Iole and retains that name to this day.

*tikiboi wrote:*Hey guys..I'm getting a new puppy and I am trying to think of an ultra-cool name for him. He is a chiuahua. I'm thinking something mexican or tiki. Any suggestions?

Ultra-cool...Mexican...Tiki...a name...hmmm... OH!

Suicide Sam

How about those!?


Personally, I like Dog Food, or even Pu-pu. On another note, I love Tiki Bree, there's nothing like someone with no sense of humor! Don't get offended by every joke posted here on Tiki Central, you'll spend all your time posting mean requests for apologies. Lighten up, it's all in fun!

Tiki Bree, I hope you are kidding.

I've always liked "cuervo"

Tiki Brie,

Excuse Baxdog's cheesy (ha ha) comments. At first, I too did not understand the one we term - Baxdog.

But slowly, very, very, very, very, very, very, slowy, I came to understand, and even tolerate, this verbal mirthmaker.

Baxdog is really an extremely great guy.

They kinda guy that when you're not looking will blindside you with a running tackle. What a character!

The kinda guy that will laugh in your face when you tell him the doctor diagnosed you with a terminal disease.
Such a friend!

The kinda guy that will point you to the streets when you tell him your house burnt to the ground and can he help out a bit.
What a Saint!

Anyway, I think you may understand the affection we all have for Baxdog. Please tolerate his outbursts as it's all in the name of humanity!

(where's Charlie Manson when we need him?)

Now now now kids! This country is going to war, and you are are pounding poor puppies. Tisk tisk....
But, pragmatically speaking, IF one decides to get a Chihuahua, one should be prepared for ridicule, those are the facts of life. Stylistically speaking, a Chihuahua is just one step away from a pink poodle. So flow with it, or be constantly offended.

And it is scary to think that they should deserve more respect than some humans (wellll..George Bush maybeeee).

I think a lot of fun can be had with a Chihuahua (no basket ball suggestions please)

I think TIKI is a great name, during the 60s, in the heyday of Tiki style, it was not uncommon to name your pet (OR your kid) Tiki.

I kind of like the name Clinton for a small dog.

Potatos, arrows, and rats? In a Hawaiian legend? Sounds like the emerald isle to me.


Hey it's got to be true. I found it on the internet! http://www.maui-activities.com/pueo.htm

Tacky Techie Tiki Bar

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I don't think Clinton would be an appropriate name for a dog - dogs lick themselves, they don't have interns to do it!

Maybe the story was corrupted by the oral tradition and originally involved taro plants, spears and pigs.


I vote for Tiki, wasn't "Tiki" South Ameriacan in origin according to Mr. Heyerdahl? I know Mexico isn't South America but it is closer than we are.

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My brother named his little "rat"...err... dog, Macho Man.
p.s. Kailuageoff,I like your Hula Girl.

Mahalo. She is a cutie alright. Hopefully those wiggling hips will hypnotize everyone into sending a check to Otto & Cy for the Raise a Tiki at Tiki Gardens project. Here she is again.

Just a note of caution. Its best when naming a dog to avoid any words that sound like pee pee...as these are real key words to dogs that will cause them to think they are going out side. So Tiki may not be a great name from that perspective.

laney posted on Thu, Jan 16, 2003 4:28 PM

I know Stella food...

Sorry, I couldn't resist. That's my baby girl Dobie, Stella, and my first pic taken with my new camera. Many more to come including all my Witco pieces for Sven.

What a cutie-cutie! I love too that her ears aren't cropped.

laney posted on Thu, Jan 16, 2003 4:44 PM

She's way cuter when she perks her ears up but both my dogs are terrified by cameras. I couldn't even get a picture of my other dog, Spike.

Dixie Doodle Bug caught in a moment of deep meditaiton. Not really my dog but she spends a lot time in shade of my tiki garden.


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Ha! So this thread is now turning into a Pet's Photos venue (like the member Photo one)!

And I sniff have no pet, since Hammy went to that Great Hamster Ball in the Sky...

Alright!!! I would love to share pics of my dogs as well!!!

First we have Ajax, Boston Terrier #2!

Next we have Comet, Boston Terrier #1 and Brillo the Fox Terrier about to engage in a violent struggle for survival!


My dog Dave.

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I guess my picture posted small because its a small dog! Actually I don't know what went wrong.


Barnswerth Finley, Alias-Barney Goo

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Kinda looks like a Chee-wawa
with hair.
Now Barney -Goo is kinda texican or MIKI
onthelegs onthelegs rheeba yehaw mahollow a-lowha
I need a pill


Here is our pet, Gladys Zungu-Mittelschmerz. Yes, she is a stuffed monkey. She's quiet, doesn't make a mess or eat much, and is entertaining in proportion to how active our imaginations are at any given time.

BTW, "Zungu" was a baby gorilla born at the Basel zoo last year, and "Mittelschmerz" is German for "ovulation", something we were keeping a very close eye on at the time we named Gladys :)



Er, maybe we oughta move this to "Beyond Tiki". Lovely though it is...


i like the name Palapa ,Fang and bamboo

Glacier Bay and our tiki

I was so trying not to get involved in this post but Laney, did you say your dog's name is Spike?

Kind of a weird name for a dog, isn't it?


[ Edited by: Luckydesigns on 2003-01-17 23:16 ]

I gotta say... All you folks who are deriding Chihuahuas probably haven't spent much time around the little bastards. Them thangs is MEAN! Put one of them up against a well mannered, domesticated, spoon-fed Bull Mastiff and I'll bet my money on lil' Pedro.

Doesn't anyone else remember the news story a year or two back about a ferociously courageous Chihuahua that almost got himself torn to bits defending his little boy against a deranged pit bull? He lost an eye and some other parts but survived.

Of course, I have had less charming experiences with them, including the time I awakened from a tipsy nap at a late night party to find my hostess's quivery female Chi-chi trying to molest me. Or something. Was pretty weird. Doggy went flying, I regret to say. Yip. Well, I was still half asleep.

Oh, my creatures, whyyy not--




If you think Spike is a weird name for a dog, say hello to Mr. Smiley and Enid's cat...Spike.

The ferocious black jungle panther stalks the camerawoman:

laney posted on Sat, Jan 18, 2003 4:40 AM

Yep, Lucky, my other dog is named Spike! I laughed when I first saw you posting here. (actually Super Psyco Spike to be exact) He is a mutant minature dobie. He's the mean grumpy man and Stella's my baby girl.


Baxdog the breed of that fine furry creature is a Yorkshire Terrier. Chijuajuaish..hmmm? I've never noticed that... Chewbakaish, more like. Anyway, I digress..what about "Chewy", not very Tiki but cute, I mean Muy Macho for a Chijuajua. I had a Mini Dobie for about a week, it ate every left shoe I had!

How about Sufferin' Bastard...After the drink?.....He's probably got that miserable, pitiful shivering nervous twitch going on right now....Ubetcha....Grey

Sorry, but I gotta toss in a vote for Gilligan or Skipper if it's a boy, Ginger or Mary Anne if it's a girl.

Mahalo or Ohana (family) are gender neutral.

My son named our dog Sniffy - how humiliating.

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