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Aku Aku Motel

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Aloha....Here are pix of a motel in Woodland Hills. Be wary of the non-tribal tattooed warriers scurrying between their rooms and their cars...



Pool Cabana...Gate was locked...enjoy

[ Edited by: bongofury on 2003-01-16 10:19 ]

Great! Sounds like you risked your neck getting the pix...

Yeah...got the stink-eye when they saw the camera... this is actually in a "nice part" of the San Fernando Valley (Ventura Blvd. 1 block east of Topanga Canyon)....Maybe they just had a convention of traveling gypsies from south central L.A...I did not linger...

This once had Tikis, a themed sign, and Mondrianesque panels out front. See BOT, p.121 (use magnifying glass)

If I recall correctly the second segment of episode six of Cheaters was filmed at the Aku Aku. The guests probably thought you were part of the investigative team back for a follow up episode.

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